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September 05 2007

Sugarshock Issue No. 2 is now online. The link is to the easier to read, full-page version of the online book. To go to the Dark Horse Presents myspace page, which contains Sugarshock as well as other items on offer, click here. And if you missed the first part of Sugarshock, then it can be found here.

It's so very awesome. It makes me (yes, me, of all people) so very giddy.

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Blinky blinky blink blink. I can't believe she said that.
Noooo! It's too short!

I do find that Sugar Shock leaves me somewhat more hyperactive after reading. Odd.

It's like FLCL's shorter, comic book-form, less drug addled brother.
My favorite line of the moment: "But you're some way, you're not.......norse...." Hee! That and the "No Vikings" t-shirt Dandelion wears make me very happy. Those, and the name "Fabio Moon." Best name ever.

Whenever I (re)read Sugarshock, I channel Willow in Doppelgangland, when she says to Buffy, Giles and Xander, "Say, you all didn't happen to do a bunch of drugs, did you?"

Love it.
The part with the legs damn near killed me. I really like this story! It's great to see Joss do straight-up comedy. I'm a fan of the slapstick.
The robot always gets fake-killed off first.

*weird garble of alien cheers*
Madness! And extreme silliness, best thing ever.
God, I love this so much. Full on whacky, random hilarity. I only wish there was more of it. I may have to go throw rocks at poor people now.

Oh man, that's my new phrase.

This totally helped with my Buffy withdrawls. Stupid Labor Day...
Truly wonderful stuff - wish it had a soundtrack, especially for next time, I'd love to hear the saddest song in the world.
Aimee Mann has superpowers. I totally knew.
Aimee Mann has superpowers.

Neat! I gots ta get me one o'them slavepipe hats.
If Joss does much more of this kind of thing, I may find myself becoming a secret, alien comic book geek. Or something. Speaking of which, where's my next Buffy Season 8 issue?
Weird garble of alien cheer is gonna become my new version of Woo! Yay!
*covers eyes to skips comments above.*

*too busy right now at work dealing with morons to read it.*

Arrrgggghhh! I want to read it so badly. Right now! But I can't! Grrrrrrr!

*sobs and kicks client in the shins, extra hard.*

Bastard Vikings.
pretty colors! funny words! aliens and rock music! yay!
That and the "No Vikings" t-shirt Dandelion wears make me very happy.

Apparently that "Sugarshock Fans" thing on MySpace has made some. Of course, despite my employment challenges, naturally I will buy one anyway.
I want a t-shirt. Bad. Really really bad.

Also? L'Lihdra rocks beyond the telling.


It's all so very random.

But, my main question is why does Joss always write these strong female characters?
Those groupies will always get you in trouble...
I loved that intro.
So very awesome... so gratifying after a very long.. long day of work with no internet access at all...
I giggled so hard at the legs part that I got strange looks from other people in the room.
That Joss guy sure is funny. Who knew?
bix, those t-shirts are seriously tempting. Thanks for that.

The more I reread these Sugarshocks the more I love them. They exude divine madness, I tell you, much like Lincoln himself, at least according to Dandelion. Can I just say how much I love Dandelion? She is INSANE and I love her. And what's with the Aimee Mann-based character? The first time I saw her in Issue #1 I knew it was Aimee Mann, exactly as she appeared in Buffy Season 7, striped suit, elongated body, elongated blond hair and all. Too bizarre. Poor Robot Phil. "BISECT!" Hah. I'd kill for a Sugarshock soundtrack. Wouldn't that be the best?

(Thanks, Simon - I think it was Simon - for tidying up my thread post. I didn't stove over it as I should have when first I posted, then life intervened in the form of a hot slave calling my attention. When a hot slave calls, you go, especially if it's in ultimate service to the caribou. :))
*sigh of contentment.*

Ahhhhh. It's so very pleasing and all auspicious-like.


There was some boob-poking, and other secret madness. Madness, I tells ya!



And here's to sensitive guys and the saddest songs, even if they betray us in the end...

Thanks, makers of and linkers to this fine, non-Norse comedic product - you made a loooong hard day a little brighter and shinier for this lowly Viking commoner and wage-stove.

ETF: typos, which the plentitude thereof lately not making me happy...


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OK, I couldn't resist. Groupie shirts! Ya never know, it couldn't hurt...
PS and FYI, I want a figurine of that last panel.
Awesome. Also, cool t-shirts, though I really just want a text "not a viking" one. Anyone know where they can be found? Preferably not marked up if it's on Cafepress.
OMG. The first one totally took me by surprise and I wasn't quite sure what it was I was reading.

This one...

This has to be the FUNNIEST thing I have ever read. I absolutely love it!

I really hope Dark Horse decides to eventually release these in printed form. I want these books.

(Though I talked to Scott Allie at Dragon*Con and he said that their deal with MySpace means they would need to wait a year or so.)
One more thing... why doesn't the MySpace page have a link back to the first issue? (Or I can't find it). I have the urge to go back and re-read it. And what about all those that find this and can't read the first one?...
That's a good point. Whilst part one is linked to on the sidebar here on the front page, I was going to change it today. So I shall add the relevant link to this blog entry.
Me, I'm just printing them out as they are released and putting them into one of those report folders with the slide-on plastic binding thing.

And the previously-mentioned Sugarshock Fans group seems to be putting direct links to each part on their website.
Also? The lobster's awesome. Who wouldn't want to hitch a ride with the band?
More sugarshock?!
It's like a packet of pop rocks washed down with a bottle of red cordial.
In other words, loved it!
*sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh*

This thing is so good.

Seriously, the awesomeness of it all!
"Not a viking" shirts!
If I were to wear one of these, I'd get beat up by the Viking-wannabe Swedish Neonazis. But on the other hand, it's frickin awesome. What to do, what to do?
Sugar Shock and Sex Bob-omb should totally have a rock-off. Or an awesome-off. The sound effects would be legendary.
"Annnd the legs."

*giggle giggle snort*

I'm sure the other people in the computer lab think I'm a nut right now.

This would kick so much booty as a cartoon. Would work really well on Adult Swim.
OMG it's like the best thing ever!! Joss and Fabio are pure genius... Want. More. Now!!

...and excuse me while I go email everyone I've ever met!

I tell you, that right there pretty much made my entire day.

God, I can't believe the next one's the last.
"Hey does your face come off 'cause AWESOME!!"

love that Dandelion.

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