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September 06 2007

Joss discusses Buffy season 8 and more. Cool as anything audio interview with him over at Vampires & Slayers.

Cordy needs to have a visit to the Buffy comics. Cordy AND Wesley. Its always been a dream of mine to have Angel S5 kick-ass "You're Welcome" Cordy and Angel s5 kick-ass Wesley show up and basically leave the scooby gang with their jaw dropped when Cordy and Wes show up and save them while kicking more ass than them.

Unfortunately, both of them are dead. But these two were so underappreciated by the scooby gang I really hope that somehow atleast Buffy and Giles get to see what they've both experienced.

Also, Buffy needs to know that Angel loved Cordy. And that Angel has a son.

If they're dead, and won't be used in the Angel comic, they need to be brought into the Buffy comics as spirit guides, or ANYTHING.

Joss if you're reading this, PLEASE let the scoobies bask in Cordelia's kick-assy ways.

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So, are there any spoilers for today's new issue in this interview? I don't have it yet, but would love to hear it.
Not any spoilers I could tell.

Joss touches on the disappointments of TV, how he'd like to do TV again but not get his heart ripped out, since he doesn't just throw things against a wall and look for what sticks, etc. Joss sounds really mellow these days, like he wants to do comics forever, but really can't because it doesn't pay the bills (and his wife reminds him how it doesn't pay the bills). He does get excited about the Buffy comic, which is good, but I'd like to see more opportunities come his way in the multimedia space. In other words, Buffy makes a great comic, but it'd make an even more awesome TV spinoff or movie.

I so wish the Network and TV execs would give this guy a break. He sounds like he needs a studio to come in and really be behind him on a project, not just making it, but also selling it. Guerilla marketing can only take you so far.
"Take your pointy had and get the fuck out of here."

I think this interview is several months old. It seems like I've heard or read bits of it before; I would guess it's from around the time of issue #1.
What the smeg? Am I going blind? Where do I click to hear it? Do I have to log in somewhere or something?
I clicked and ended up on a page that sent me ... back to the same page! Delightful. And after I went to all the trouble of going to Adobe to update my player. Stupid Flash.... Can someone who's made it to the actual interview perhaps paste it in so I can give it another whirl? Please?
Ah! There it is! The flash didn't even load last night. Apparently, Sweden partially lost contact with America on the Internets for a while.

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