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September 06 2007

Live in the Dallas/Forth Worth Area? Be an extra in Nick Brendon's Movie. Blood on the Highway needs extras this Friday.

Taken from this post:

Blood on the Highway needs extras this Friday for the big mob scene (complete with torches)! Expect fangs, fake blood, and a 7pm to 7am shoot. If you're interested, contact James at

I sooo want to be a vampire extra! I wish this was happening on Saturday instead. I live in Oklahoma and I could drive down. Dangit. Stupid workday.

Is anyone going? Please take lots of pictures and post them to the whedoneque group on flickr.

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ACK! why is it that the only time something cool is happening in DFW, I'm away at college? sigh.
I am SO there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm, I went to IMDB and looked up both the movie and Nicky. His name didn't appear anywhere on the movies page and the movie didn't appear anywhere on his page. Le Sigh.

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Hmm...he's on the Myspace page...I don't know...can anyone check? I don't know if IMDB is that accurate.
Weird that Nick's MySpace fan group spells his last name wrong...

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I emailed someone. I hope to hear back on a confirmation about Nick's involvement with this project. If he is not involved then I apologize. Someone should contact these people and tell them to stop using Nick's name (and photo) to promote their movie if that is the case.

Also, check out Nick's pic. He is soooo channeling Steven Segal with that hair.

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I just read this blog post from someone working on the film and they mention that it features Nick as well. It also says that it's a film short (which I didn't realize). It just started filming so maybe that's why we haven't heard any news about it until now.
Okay, I just got an email confirming that Nick is working on this project. He has been spotted on the set. So either it's him or he has a double...hey wait...

Now I really, really wish I could go.
This was on the myspace link provided above:
"Nicholas Brendon and Tom Towles will each be present for only one day of the production. Brendon will be on the set on Sunday, September 2, in Dallas, 1 p.m. 12 a.m. Towles will be on set on Monday, September 3, in Lancaster, 3 p.m. 2 a.m."
I'm not doing anything, but since I'm not doing anything, I don't want to wake up early in order to do anything.

It'll be fun to watch the movie and go "ooh, I know where that is!" like when watching Office Space and seeing Peter stuck in traffic on 635.
hahaha @ Office Space. I know what you mean.

I would be going to the filming but Nicky won't be there so neither will I. 7p to 7a?? Only for Nicky.

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