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September 07 2007

Alyson Hannigan set to chat with Conan O'Brien on 9/10. Two redheads, one fifteen* minute segment --

Could wacky hijinks be in store? And what in the world is that Alexis guy up to? The answers may be revealed. Or not! At the very least, Aly will be gorgeous and charming. Check your local listings.

*(or more - she and Paul Giamatti are the only scheduled guests)

Can't wait. Conan + Aly = One fine night of late night television.
As I think about this appearance, I was asking myself which 'Verse person I would prefer to see instead of AH. The answer was surprising to me. The only person I'd prefer to see in Conan's hot seat is the big purple himself.

She is such a good actress, its a shame all she gets is comedy.
I know this will come of as stupid, but has Joss ever done any of the shows like Conan?
I'm a longtime late night TV watcher/taper and as far back as I've been keeping track (since about 1999), I've never seen Joss on any late night talk show. It's kind of unbelievable. I mean, how intelligent and funny does a person have to be to get on those things? -- (some Leno/Letterman/ Kimmel/O'brien/etc. guests seem fairly obscure to me). I feel pretty certain the J-man could hold his own on every level, plus he comes with his own built-in cult following. Neat!

A perfect Conan night for me would be Joss and Jeff Goldblum (because he's so adorkably weird, smart and fun), with a visit from the Evil Puppy *cue Carmina Burana: "O Fortuna"* and a musical segment with some cool-ass band like, say, Sugarsmack.

Maybe a bunch of us should write Conan around the time Joss starts promoting his next high-visibility project? (Although the thought occurs: Maybe Joss doesn't want to be on late night TV. Anyone?)
On the subject of Joss Whedon's non-appearance on chat shows, isn't it commonplace? Have Chris Carter, Bryan Fuller or Aaron Sorkin ever made chat show appearances. It's the nature of the buisness they work in that the actors are the public face of their work.
Ask that question in reverse.
On the subject of Joss Whedon's non-appearance on chat shows, isn't it commonplace?

Just because it's commonplace doesn't make it right.

Have Chris Carter, Bryan Fuller or Aaron Sorkin ever made chat show appearances.

I don't know; probably not, following the seeming bias against TV creators versus film creators on shows like this. However, if Scorsese, Eastwood and others are deemed important/interesting enough to speak on behalf of their works, and are not content to let actors alone represent their projects, why not writers/directors of quality television series? TV shows are arguably more influential on pop culture than movies, since they often air for years, and so have a much longer time to develop complex, multidimensional storylines and generate a strong emotional rapport with audiences.

Deadwood's David Milch was on Tavis Smiley about a month ago, so some TV creators are being interviewed. It's just my view that Joss -- with so many accomplishments to his credit, and smarts and personality galore -- should be one of them.
Compared to the enigma that is Chris Carter, Joss is very much a public face, so seeing him on a chatshow would not seem odd.

Something to think about when Goners arrives. :)

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