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September 07 2007

GOP front runner or Buffy villain? You decide. AMERICAblog notes a certain similarity between Senator Fred Thompson and a popular Buffy monster.

LOL, that's funny.
That's scary. He looks just like Glorificus.

Oh. Wait.
Well that's just frightening.
Heck, when I read the headline I was sure they were going to compare him to the Mayor. You know, avuncular, outwardly concerned, and internally wishing to become an evil demon... :-)
I mourn for the death of political humour in the blogosphere. This really was a pisspoor effort.
I don't know, Simon. The resemblance is pretty striking.
Heh heh; I remember in '04, somebody compared the Cheney/Edwards debate to "Buffy vs. Dracula." (Edwards being Buffy, obviously).
Now, now, it's not fair to pick on just the Republicans. Remember to pick on the Libertarians too, just to be fair and balanced.
The Libertarians want no part of this. To each their own. The Librarians, on the other hand have very stern opinions. ;)
What do we want ? A radical revamping of the Dewey Decimal System ! When do we want it ? Now ! Or after a viable exit strategy has been implemented in Iraq, we're easy !

That's a fairly striking resemblance. He also looks just like the guy from 'Die Hard 2'. Quite uncanny really.
Simon;I dunno, I got a chuckle from it.

Dana;Hmm, while this post really tempted me to respond, I think I'll stick with my policy of always avoiding politics with you *grin.
I go with Buffy monster.

Either way, I think we can all agree he wants to rip people's hearts out and then devour them.
Am I the only one who found it ironic that the caption under his photo said that he speaks? He doesn't look like the type to do that kind of thing.
Heck, I think he looks like the fellow from that Law and Order program.

DCA- I wasn't actually being political there, surprisingly so given my highly liberal democratic leanings. I was just riffing on the Mayor- Harry Groener was on CSI last night in a repeat. Had I been doing my thing, I'd have been much more pointed. :-)
Was sure it was going to be The Judge...
I'm with Simon. That's gross.
Quantumac wrote:
Now, now, it's not fair to pick on just the Republicans. Remember to pick on the Libertarians too, just to be fair and balanced.

Quantumac, I thing most of us Libertarians are voting Republican this time anyway, since Dr. Ron Paul is running as a GOP candidate.
"Was sure it was going to be The Judge..."

Ha, me too.
The Judge never smiled. Fred Thompson only looks like The Gentlemen when he smiles. I can see both sides.
I knew those Gentlemen were Republicans.
I've often wondered if he is was part demon. How else does one juggle back and forth between full-time acting and political careers. Yes, actors have taken a break from acting for political office, but this guy seems to go back and forth so often I am never sure what his status is. Wasn't he even in office when he did some show? How did that work?
Dana, hi, I'm Dana. :-)

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