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"I don't dance."
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September 08 2007

Felicia Day's hilarious online series continues with The Guild #3. Link to The Guild's Homepage if you missed the first two episodes. Really entertaining.

Hit her website for a picture of Felicia jonsing for coffee.

I <3 The Guild so much.

I got all excited when i saw her blog earlier :D
Oh I was wondering when the next part would be up. Awesome.
Forgive my addled brain, but she's connected where? All these names and faces are becoming flashes in the head.
She's Vi from Buffy Season Seven. (And one page so far of Season Eight.)
The Guild rox the sox of those who wear sox that possess the ability to rock! I love the Guild!
Codex - Slayer of Masculinity!
I can't believe I didn't look at this before now. Surprisingly good!
Did y'all stay tuned for the final scene, after the credits?

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