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May 20 2003

NPR's Talk of the Nation to discuss Buffy, possibly with Marti Noxon Scratch that, it's David Lavery, not Marti Noxon.

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Someone on the buffyphilosophy livejournal group posted the bit about Noxon; I couldn't find any direct mention of her on the NPR site. This show is on in about fifteen minutes, but they probably won't get to the Buffy bit until near the end of the show, and it will stream on the NPR site tomorrow.

No Marti, but they spoke with David Lavery and Elyce Helford.

(And Lavery and I are totally on the same page about the film: it was a failure, with the exception of Paul Reubens' death scene, which still cracks me up. He also said that he thought that the fans will love the finale, which he has already seen.)

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