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September 08 2007

Runaways Saga to become available as an audio book. This covers the first forty-two issues of Runaways, as written of course by current Buffy season 8 writer Brian K. Vaughan, and leading into Joss' run. Commence fantasy casting... now!

Cebulski then announced that Runaways will be available as an audio book that will compile the first season of the series that was done by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphonso. "I believe it will be available as an mp3 on"

C.B. Cebulski clarifies that this is "Runaways Saga", the catch-up one-shot as told by Molly Hayes:

Just to clarify, it's the Runaways SAGA that's being turned into an audio book. A voice actress has already recorded it, reading the diary entries as Molly. It's being edited now and I can't wait to hear it!

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Ooooh, I can haz audio casting list?
Excellent, who's doing the reading?
I'd kill a lamb to do it. Okay, maybe not, but I'd totally do it for free. I have a very flexible voice and can do characters and everything. Though, slight problem, nobody cares.
Just so there's no confusion (even though daylight added C.B. Cebulski's clarification), they aren't making an audio book of Vaughan's entire run of Volume 1 (18 issues) and 2 (the first 24 issues). They're just doing that one in-between issue called "Runaways Saga" that wasn't written by either Vaughan or Joss. The one that recapped the entire series as of #24 and gave a couple lines at the end to spell out for readers what happened between Vaughan's run and Joss' during the gang's cliffhanger confrontation with Iron Man.

It wasn't as much of a letdown for me as some folks made it out to be. Worth it I guess for the Humberto Ramos art (I know his stuff polarizes readers) and the explanation.

What's up with #28 anyway ? Feels like it's been two or three months since #27, is that about right ?

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I have heard that it's taking the artist longer than usual to draw it.

Cheers for the extra clarification, by the way.

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