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September 08 2007

Shawna Trpcic invites us to tune in for K-Ville. Next Monday, 17 Sept, Fox will be premiering K-Ville, a post-Katrina cop drama featuring costumes by our very own Shawna Trpcic.

Shawna's hoping the browncoats will tine in, and says:
I am having a lot of fun. I am sure New Orleans was one of the planets we would eventually visit in Firefly - so wild here - totally wild!!!! It is just not teraformed yet!
Other Whedonverse connections on K-Ville include Skip Schoolnik and Kelly A. Manners, who were producers on Angel.

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I'm looking forward to this. I hope it's done deftly and truthfully. This could be a great show. That is, if the executives stay the hell away and let the creatives execute the vision.

I actually think this concept would be better after the Bushwad administration ends, but we'll see.
Daburcor, Shawna was the costume designer for Firefly and Angel.
I was pretty sure New Orleans was a city, though. Not a planet.
Ya know? After seeing the BDM, I have begun picturing Beaumode as a New Orleans-like planet...lots of revelry and potential for wacky stuff, legal and not;)
Bizarrely enough, I just listened to her commentary - with Morena Baccarin and Jane Espenson - on "Shindig" not two hours ago - ! With that many Mutant Enemy production vets, we'll have to make a note to watch!
This is one I had already pencilled in, despite the Foxiness of the network. Hopefully the scripts are up to the smartness of the previews because it could be pretty bad if not written with compassion and respect -- or with too much.
OOOoooh, so thats what the K in K-ville stands for? Katrina? All summer I've been trying to figure out what the K stood for. (feels stupid)
I watched the first episode online -- all legit, although the AOL Video link I had doesn't work anymore -- and I thought it was okay. The cast is good, and hopefully they won't sugarcoat or rely on melodrama.

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