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September 09 2007

Hart on her sleeve. Angie Hart, lead singer of Splendid and Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Firefly guest star, discusses her new solo album "Grounded Bird"... as well as working with Joss Whedon and her friendship with Joss' wife, Kai Cole.

Of course, she also co-wrote the song Blue from "Conversations with Dead People" with Joss. Australian readers will also know of her earlier band, Frente.

It's a great in-depth article about the Melbourne-born and now Melbourne-based singer.

Great Article. I noticed she has some performance dates coming up soon. I'm going to the Sydney one. The Last two times I saw her in Sydney she was fantastic. Kept thinking that I was in the Bronze Ahh the memories.

For those Aussies who are interested here are the up coming dates.

5 Oct 2007 8:00 PM The Factory Theatre Sydney, New South Wales
12 Oct 2007 8:00 PM The Zoo Brisbane, Queensland
13 Oct 2007 8:00 PM The Wheatsheaf Adelaide, South Australia
18 Oct 2007 8:00 PM The Toff in Town Melbourne, Victoria
19 Oct 2007 8:00 PM The Toff in Town Melbourne, Victoria

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I learned a lot from this article! I'm lucky enough to own Splendid's CD--which is really good--but it cost a bundle as I had to buy it as an "import"! Now I'm wondering whether Grounded Bird will be locally available stateside? Because Angie Hart is definitely on my listening list.
I, too, own Splendid's CD, and enjoy it. And I will undoubtedly get Grounded Bird, but, yes, it's an import on Amazon, for pre-order.
I haven't heard anything by Splendid, but I love Frente's version of "Bizarre Love Triangle". I was wondering though, what characters did she play on Buffy and Firefly?

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On Buffy, she was the musician on stage singing "Blue," a song she co-wrote with Joss, in the episode Conversations with Dead People. On Firefly, she played a prostitute in the episode Heart of Gold who sang "Amazing Grace" at Nandi's funeral.
I was so in love with Frente! in high school. I listened to Marvin the Album over and over on a plane to Costa Rica... I think I'd better check out her solo stuff.
Interesting article - I loved her voice on Buffy and the way her songs would set the mood. deepgirl187 according to IMDb

The only guest singer to appear multiple times on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997). She sang on camera in "I Only Have Eyes For You" (episode 2.19), "The Freshman" (episode 4.1) and "Conversations With Dead People" (episode 7.7). Respectively, she sang "Charge," "You and Me" and "Blue" in these episodes. Also, her voice singing "Tomorrow We'll Wake" was featured in "Forever" (episode 5.17).

I was a huge fan of Frente when I was little. I remember having one of those echoing plastic microphones (with the big spring in the middle) and singing along to their songs on Video Hits. So Angie Hart's voice has always been in the background singing away as I grew up. Even when I was a teenager too thanks to Joss featuring her on Buffy. Angie's had it a bit rough so hopefully one day she will get the respect and recognition she deserves.
That was the best article I've read in awhile. What can you say about Angie Hart besides praises. I wasn't aware of her earlier work in "Frente". Off to I go. Thanks guys!
Does anyone know if "Blue" is on one of her previous albums or if it will be on Grounded Bird?
I think since it was written specifically for Conversations by Angie and Joss that it hasn't been released on anything expect the Radio Sunnydale CD. I may be wrong though. I really do like what I have heard from Angie in Buffy so by the time it came around to seeing her in Firefly I recognised her even before she sang, which is quite rare for someone who had no speaking lines in Buffy and "only" performed at the Bronze. I really need to check out some of her solo stuff and work with Splendid.
I knew I forgot something. In this Whedonesque entry from 2004, there's a couple of comments from Joss about Angie.

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