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September 09 2007

(SPOILER) Loathing the 'Land? What starts out as a review of an "almost final cut" of SMG's Southland Tales... ends up being a fascinating glimpse of its long journey to the screen. (Thanks to AICN and Moriarty for the tip.)

I wonder if the reviewer read the graphic novels before watching the rough cut of the film that he saw and whether or not that'll make a difference in one's appreciation of the final product.

I finally got my hands on the elusive and final Book 3 in the Southland Tales series last month and plan on re-reading Book 1 and finally getting to read the other two maybe in October or just before the film opens in November.

Reading the [thankfully-barely-spoilerish] review (especially for those who've read one or more of the comics), I guess it lowers my expectations a bit to the point where I might be able to enjoy it more than those going in expecting another Donnie Darko or some other ambitious sci-fi flick they love. I'm kinda feeling the way a lotta other Richard Kelly fans have been feeling about this project---even if it dies a quick death at the box office, I bet it'll fail in a visually and mind-bogglingly spectacular fashion.
I'm not really going bother taking any views on this movie seriously until I've seen it for myself. It seems most have already made up their mind without actually bothering to watch it.

At least Richard Kelly has his next film lined up even if this bombs at the Box Office. He probably regrets trying something this ambitious as a follow up to Donnie Darko, but I'd rather watch this even if it is a failure than more of the same old shit.

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