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September 09 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar is Front and Center at New York's Fashion Week. Since it's a slow Sunday, here's a link to SMG looking pretty (as usual) at a fancy-schmancy fashion show.

she looks better now that she's back to blond.
That's a really nice shot of her - and the dress is very flattering too. She's as pretty as ever.
Lovely. Just lovely. And yes, I like her blonde lockes better too.
Sarah looks as lovely as ever.
Brunette or blonde, either way she looks lovely to me. :)

So pretty...
I enjoy how she usually finds a conservative way to dress rather than wear mini-skirts and tube tops like other young celebs. Total respect there; its hard to do!
Is that Lindsay Sloane sitting with her?
I am also glad she's allowing her Inner Blonde to re-surface.

That's a good angle for her.

I hate myself for having an attack of Fan's Disease Numebr 5 like this; I caught myself asking "Who's her pal?" (I have only a mild case, so I relaized as soon as I thought it it's none of my biz.)

And I feel compelled to say, Leann Rimes has to be kidding with those eyebrows. Yes, I know that she was only 16 when I met her at FanFair,, peopel change, she's 24,a married mom and a Boradway eprformer now etcetereye etcetereye. But she looks like Joan flippin' Crawford!
witchlover: Yes, it's Lindsay Sloane. They attended a couple of shows together that morning.
witchlover: I thought it was Lindsay Sloane too, but since my crushes for SMG and LS would cause me to burst into flame, it cannot be true.

ETA **kafloom!**

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