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September 09 2007

'3:10 to Yuma' steams to the top of the Box Office. The film co-starring Alan Tudyk took in 14.1 million to put it in the #1 spot for the weekend.

Wow! That's great, there are a lot of movies out there right now, many of the big blockbusters still haven't left the multiplex (so they still call multi-screen theaters a multiplex?). It is true that most of the newest movies are supposedly awful (according to the reviewers).
I saw and really liked 3:10 to Yuma. AS for our beloved pilot's performance...

I loved the movie, and I was thinking the same thing while watching it, Septimus.
Same here, Septimus.
I saw 3:10 to yuma yesterday. I loved it.
I think it was my favorite movie this year.
Such a great movie!! Alan's part was lots of fun.
Septimus, I turned to my friend and said,

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