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September 09 2007

Message from James Marsters on his official sites. James posts a message of thanks to fans who attended Dragoncon.

His message mentions a busy work schedule, including a new CD. Elsewhere on the site there's also news about his role on Without a Trace, an upcoming interview for TV Guide and a teaser for an event in Cardiff on November 17th.

The message is also posted at

Interesting that he will now be in the first episode of WaT. That's great. Now, when is it?
The message says September 27.
palehorse he will actually be on 5 episodes (not in a row) of WaT starting with the season premiere, Sept 27 on CBS @ 10 ET.
So does the cbs website, at 10:00pm, est.
The message says September 27.

Oops. Sorry for missing that.

I knew he would be on several episodes, but I didn't realize he would begin with the premiere. Thanks for the extra information, RavenU.
I met him at Dragon*Con. On top of being very nice about signing some rather unusual items, he told me I had beautiful eyes.

I don't care if he tells that to all the girls; I'm pretending it was just for me.
I got to meet him over the weekend, both at the con and at the cocktail party, and it was so great to see how amazing he is in person and how awesome he is for us fans. Truly a great guy! We should be thanking HIM for coming!
He told a group of us (at DragonCon) about turning to SMG once during filming and saying that in future both of them might go on to bigger,more lucrative or acclaimed projects...but that they would never be in anything that touched the hearts of people more. And he went on to say how grateful he is for the fan support he has. And he really shows it at an event like this...he makes it a lot of fun to be a fan. May we go on making each other this happy for years to come!
I'm really happy to hear he is starting on his new album. I just love his music and have been wanting more! Also, can't wait to see him on tv this year and on the big screen. Can't get enough of this guy!!
I'm very excited for his new album. I really enjoyed Civilized Man and a nice chunk of the Ghost of The Robot songs. It's Nothing is fantastic. I wish I could have gotten a copy of the E.P...

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