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September 10 2007

(SPOILER) Desperate Housewives creator talks about Joss and Nathan. Marc Cherry thinks Nathan is "one of the nicest guys in the world" and says that he's been watching Joss' career for years (the article is spoilerish for the upcoming season).

Teri Hatcher was on Regis & Kelly last week and mentioned that she was really happy to see Nathan Fillion (who she already knew and liked, and Kelly jumped in and said that she really likes him too); her first scene of the season was with her new gynecologist!
I have a copy of an ancicent home video of Nathan and Kelly Ripa together at an old soap opera fan event. That woman has had a *lot* of work done on her over the years. Don't really know why since she was so cute to start with. And Nathan was wearing puka shells. :-)
I can't believe it, but I'm totally going to watch this. Maybe it's Nathan's turn in Waitress that has me assuming this previously-avoided-at-all-costs show is suddenly going to turn similarly smart, quirky and sweet with a side of dark, but I'm going to give it a go. I'm assuming it's daytime soap-like, and I really won't need too much back-story to dive in..?
Anyone know the day of the season premiere?

September 30, 2007

I got this date stored in my head.

I'm pretending it is a totally new show starting on 9/30/2007. Never saw any episodes. Someone here said something like you just have to know that everybody is either having sex with everyone else, or has had sex with everyone else or wants to have sex with everyone else.

And remember what Joss said

HW: And how do you feel about Nathan Fillion moving onto Wisteria Lane as the newest neighbor on Desperate Housewives?

JW: I suspect hes going to have trouble romantic, suspenseful trouble.

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