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September 10 2007

(SPOILER) Faith-er, Buffy #6 Makes the iFanboy Pick of the Week podcast. Very mild spoilers, nothing of major importance, but I'll mark it anyway. The first portion of the podcast is all about Buffy.

I didn't listen to the podcast. I'm hoping its more complimentary than the text. Maybe I'm a little sentitive because its His Purpleness that we're talking about here but that article was loaded with backhanded compliments.

And I give issue #6 four stars. Great stuff!
It's ALWAYS "all about Buffy." >:(

(I keed, I keed.)

Issue #6 gets four and a half stars from me.
BKV described it in highly collaborative terms, and I think it shows both writers' strengths. Plus, Faith's stealing my heart again!
Good book, but it made me more than a bit sad for Faith. I was really hoping at the end of S7 that, having done some time and some therapy, and the whole, willing to sacrifice her life for Angel business, and then joining the fight against the First, and the way Robin Wood was able to deal with her, that maybe she had found a place and something she could feel part of, and some kind of an inkling of happiness.

And here she is, alone and back on the run, both from the law and the people who care about her. Damn.

I wouldn't mind seeing her show up in the new Angel series at some point. They really worked well as characters together. He just was able to reach her in a way that no one else could.
I agree, barboo. The Faith spin-off I hoped for was her in Cleveland, but I hoped she'd have a family-type situation with a team, her sanity, and still be with Robin. Instead, with her solitude and that severe violent twitch with Giles, it's like she's partly reverted to Angel season one, without some of the subsequent development.

Still, I'm sure they have their reasons for that, maybe clearer in the rest of the story in character terms. Maybe having to do with needing her as a lone assassin. Surely she wouldn't have taken the job if she was the slightest bit happy.
Why do I hear Eve Plumb's voice (considering I never watched her show) saying "Buffy, Buffy, Buffy!"?

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