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September 10 2007

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch interview @ Westfield Comics about Angel: After the Fall. Some slight spoilage, but nothing huge.

For some reason, the site makes direct links redirect to the main page, but there's a picture of Captain Forehead to click on the right.

Oh, and there's pretty pictures to look at.

I am so looking forward to this. That first black and white pic nearly made my heart explode.

EDIT: With excitement, that is. Not coronary disease. Really, I'm fine.

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Wow. Love the b&w images! Can't wait to read the pretty words that go along with them.
Um...I can't find the interview...
I've read a lot of them on the internet. There have been certain people that are like, "If Gunn gets turned into a vampire, I'm going to kill myself." I read that post yesterday. I was like, "Well, that's extreme." [laughter] Now I feel this responsibility to have that never happen.

Umm, I was actually looking forward to that storyline.

Not that I hate Gunn or anything, not by any means. I just thought that would be an interesting place to take his character (especially since they didn't do much with him until the fifth season). And it would also be fascinating to see how the other characters reacted to the situation. But regardless, I know that in the end, Mr. Lynch will offer us many Angel-riffic goodies, so I can't complain. ;)
Just thought you'd like to know that apparently the second pic (the first black and white one) is not supposed to be out and Brian is upset that it is. He posted about it over at the IDW forums. (It is awesome though)
I haven't seen this second pic everyone's on about. Is it awesome? ;)
It is awesome, and in a few days you will see it in an even awesome-er state.

Stay tuned...
Sounds... awesome! Thanks for the heads up Brian! It's an exciting time to be an Angel fan, and I GUESS you're owed some of that credit. ;)

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Jesus. Poor L.A. (the first picture) This is gonna be some post-apocalyptic stuff.
Jesus. Poor L.A.

Wow. You're a kind soul. Most people seem to think we deserve all of our apocalypses. I take a perverse delight in them myself, in fact. I especially enjoyed the giant tornadoes in Hollywood in The Day After Tomorrow.
Okay, well, the link apparently decided to start working for me. Sounds good, sounds good.

Can't wait, Brian!
Can't wait to see the prettier version. Interview was great.
Ya great interview. I love that picture so much. An i am very much looking forward to seeing it in all its glory:)
Weird. I've been trying to get back to the interview for another look at the pictures, and all I get is the comics order page.

Oh well, it was a nice interview.
I noticed something that I am dying to discuss but will wait until the shiny pretty picture comes out.

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