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September 10 2007

Anthony Stewart Head Leads Repo. Tony takes the lead role in this horror musical.

The rest of the cast includes Sarah Brightman,Alexa Vega,Paul Sorvino and Paris Hilton.

Wow. My brain's having trouble deciding what's stranger about this: The idea of a post-apocalyptic horror musical movie, or the the idea of Anthony Stewart Head and Sarah Brightman sharing a set with Paris Hilton. Or Paris Hilton singing.
I think that my desire to see ASH will be far outweighed by my desire not to see his costars.
Paris Hilton? Ugh...

Anthony singing, on the other hand? I'm THERE!
Horror musical?! It'll *never* work. Oh wait....

(I'm totally there, too!)
I am shocked right now. I read the script to this last month and holy god, it was a train wreck. I guess it completely depends on how the songs work though, and at least ASH might give this a fighting chance but the story itself was completely idiotic.
Mr. Head could sing the phone-book and I'd be there with bells on. But if it's a bad movie, I'll just have to wait for his new music with Gus Isidore for some REAL entertainment. It'll be fan-fucking-tastic. Pardon the language. :)

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Oh! Oh! I think that is filming here in Toronto!. If all those other big names here for the film festival would get out of the way, maybe I could find ASH!
There have been a gazillion Paris H sightings.

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