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September 10 2007

Bones Season 2 DVD out today. Our favorite FBI agent and forensic anthropologist hit DVD shelves.

Extras include:

Commentary by actors David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, director Caleb Deschanel and Executive Producer Steven Nathan
Special F/X Featurette
Deleted Scenes
Season 1 Gag Reel
Season 2 Gag Reel
The Angelator featurette

I can't wait until season to is released in Australia. Hoping we won't have to wait until January like we did for season 1. I haven't heard anything about a R4 release of season 2 yet.
Why wait, purplewolf? Amazon and ebay were made for these dilemmas!
I got 'Heroes' from Amazon weeks ago for half the price of this weeks' R4 release. Bones S2 will probably go the same way- oh how I love the global economy!

(Oh and I also wouldn't count on Channel 7 to air the rest of the S2 episodes anytime soon. Cos', you know, they suck...)
I missed most of season two due to the Sky/Virgin Media dispute so I can't wait to get the DVD.
This DVD set doesn't have the unaired season 2 episode (due to the Virginia Tech massacre) from what I remember.
I really like this show. I only watched it at the beginning for Boreanaz, but it has really grown on me. Now its one of the few shows that I dont want to miss.
Simon, they're airing that episode some time in December (unless they change it) so it will probably be featured with the S3 DVDs.
OMG! I have this on my Christmas list! I've never been a "gift person" but I HAVE to have this season. Plus, I love the cover! ^_^
Haven't they made Dr Brennans legs skinnier in the cover photo?
And holding up that skull with that smirk on her face is, I think, kinda inappropriate. The science here is supposed to be serious.
Or am I po-faced Mike instead of Mild Mike?
It was worth going to Best Buy for the bonus disc, nice background on the show and some bloopers. The TJ scene is hysterical. The special features of the gag reel and memories were nice additions to the DVDs. Hart Hanson is very good doing commentaries. It was nice to hear Emily & her dad doing a commentary. The only down side was that David didn't do any commentaries.
Yeah, I'm thinking of heading to amazon to get a few series. Just need to wait until I get money. I've seen all of season 2. I never rely on 7 for anything anymore.

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