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September 11 2007

Amber Benson to appear at FPI comic book shops in Great Britain. She'll be up and down the country this month to promote her new movie "Lovers, Liars & Lunatics".

She did the same thing for "Chance", there was a huge queue outside my local comic book shop in Belfast. And she is lovely to meet.

I met her at the London Expo back in 2004, it's ashame she's not visiting the Forbidden Planet in London, the one place I thought was a must if your in GB.
There is nothing better than a signing at a comicbook shop. I've seen writers and artists at various signings but never a tv/movie star. That is really cool.

Why am I not living in Liverpool? First I miss the Beatles now Amber.
SeanValen I think Forbidden Planet and Forbidden Planet International are seperate entities.
I'll be at the Birmingham FP to meet her for sure! Thanks for the heads up.
poo, no london? don't think I can make it to any of the others :(
I happened to be in a comic book shop in Birmingham the other day and they gave me a leaflet. Wasn't FP (but maybe they're helping each other out or whatever). But am at work that day. Am annoyed.
Yeah, Amber! She's the nicest Buffy alumni you'd ever want to meet. A very creative individual.

I have "Lovers, Liars and Lunatics," and I enjoyed it (except for the part where Amber's character is hurt). I also have "Chance," and I gotta say, I enjoyed Chance even more. Yeah, Chance had zero budget, but it was made quickly and it seemed to have more energy and personality.

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You're right Simon , Forbidden Planet and Forbidden Planet International are separate entities.
SIgh , if I could only teleport; of course first I'd have to teleport to AMdagascar for soem uncut sapphires to sell to raise money for the DVD... oh well, I figure I'll meet her soemtime.

Always tricky with company names; one of the coroporations i work for runs both a freight company and a delibvery company and they have no business conenction but gad how many payments go to the wrong one...

quantumac;good edit but yeah, I think the actress and the character would get along *g. (I like to break 4th wall myself.)

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