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September 11 2007

Extensive and illustrated Dragon*Con 2007 report. girlpire's report is once again replete with accounts of panels, pics, and videos. Here are direct links to parts two and three.

You may remember the link to girlpire's Dragon*Con 2006 report posted here at Whedonesque last year.

This year's convention included Whedonverse actors such as James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Elisabeth Rohm, Mark Sheppard, and Ron Glass.

RavenU's photos of the event are also worth checking out, if you haven't already.

Does she know you've linked to this?
If there's a problem with it being linked to, girlpire can send us an email and we'll quite happily pull it.
No, no, I'm cool with it! I hope everyone enjoys reading about how I embarrassed myself in front of some of our favorite actors. :)
omg girlpire ... what a great report. I totally understand what happened to you with James and Elizabeth. I didn't feel well the day I was gonna get autographs so I skipped it .. if I hadn't I'd have had the same experience that you did. Thanks for sharing ... made me laugh out loud... meant to add that I hated that 'Shape of your Ship' panel last year too. Actually, hated it so much that I got up and walked out early and I didn't do any of the Whedonverse Track this year (I did go to all of the Q&As ... just not the track) So it wasn't just you.

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It's an awesome report. I have decided that, should the need ever arise, girlpire will do my autobiography.
Great report girlpire, thanks for sharing.

Resa, we tried one of the Whedonverse track panels this year too and were very disappointed. We ended up leaving early. Also found the Torchwood panel a complete bust :(
But the Q&As were good, other than the fact that James Marsters had to share all of them with 2 or 3 other guests.

I prefer my live JM undiluted ;)
Resa, thanks! And I totally left that panel early last year too! Well, actually the panel ran over the alotted time, so I left when we were supposed to even though they had decided to keep talking. I didn't do much track stuff this year either. (I went to that panel again because my friend Christina wanted to go to it... and because I'm a glutton for punishment.)

Tabz, will I have to become you to write your autobiography? Because if so... I'm in. :)

Kitty, thanks again. And I agree, it would have been nice to have one undiluted JM Q&A. But I guess that's what the concert was for...?
@girlpire - oh, sure... it's called ghostwriting! :) hehehee

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