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September 12 2007

(SPOILER) Sneak peek at Runaways #28. No Joss dialogue but pretty pictures to look at, so it's made of half the win. This issue will be out on October 10th.

Oh, man. That is a hell of a black eye. Poor kid.
I'm not getting over that awesome cover any time soon, nor the period piece photo cover of #27. Jo Chen is acing 'em like never before.

I usually don't spoil myself for Runaways, but I couldn't help peaking. I've really grown to like the new penciler. There are a few character designs I liked better from Adrian Alphona, but Michael Ryan's made a few of the others a lot more distinct and interesting-looking. And his backgrounds are arguably more rich and fun to go over.
Nice chew-face, Mol.


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