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September 11 2007

Some DVD release details and cover for Nathan Fillion's "Waitress". Just in time for Halloween, which might have something to do with pies after all.

Sidenote tweaked after comments.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2007-09-12 01:37 ]

nice that they added nathan to the cover but the graphic looks odd.
Yeah, that looks really poorly photoshopped...
Actually, pies and Halloween are linked...pies are the afterlife of pumpkins who didn't get chosen for Halloween.
OK, that was a little strange, but I did see the proposed DVD cover. It would have been better to use the original poster as the cover. Doesn't Nathan look a little strange in back of Keri. Also, put Keri and Nathan's name on the cover, since he should get getting lots of attention being part of Desperate Housewives by then.
Numfar PTB, don't you remember the Naughty Pumpkin Pie?
Aww, I think the art's kind of sweet.

I'll be buying this!
Even Jack-O-Lanterns can aspire to pie - albeit dried out and waxy. But with character! Yum.
Finally! My mom wasn't able to make it to the theatre when this was playing, so I've been dying to buy it for her on DVD.

Weird that it's still not available on Amazon, Best Buy or any of the other usual suspects...
There was a rather cool Waitress movie poster that my local cinema had in Belfast. It was of the cast sitting at a diner with Keri serving, I tried looking for it online but no such luck.
The reason Nathan looks particularly odd is that they flipped his picture. He doesn't do very well with picture flipping, I have to say. Always makes him look kind of strange.

Also, there is a certain hed-pastede-on-yay quality to Kerri Russell, but oh well. Yay for Waitress of DVD.
orangepenguino, I agree on the hed-pasted-on-yay! aspect. Too much photoshopping.

But I'm really looking forward to seeing this.
They should really just paste on Andy Griffith's face on Nathan's supposed body. Maybe feature some jeremy sisto action on the back.
Keri looks odd but, yeah!, picture of Nathan. Pictures of Nathan are never not a factor.

So you're saying that Hallowe'en is also ritual sacrifice (of pumpkins) with pie?
Well, Keri's hair wasn't that color, that straight, or that length at any point in the movie that I recall, so that might be why the hed-pasted-on-yay! aspect is coming out. I mean, it's obviously her face, but I'm not sure it's her body or hair.

Nathan looks adorable, but I think the all-black attire is making me go "Ack! Caleb's trying to kill her for adultery! With himself!"

Regardless, buying it, love movie, love it, hoping like heck for Oscar noms for it because it's a dang fine movie (along with 3:10 to Yuma... wow, wouldn't it be weird if they both got nominated for best picture?).

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