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September 11 2007

James Marsters cameos as Ted Bundy in new TV movie. In a message from his manager, mentions the cameo appearance as the serial killer in "Chasing the Devil", according to IMDB it will be on the cable channel Lifetime in 2008.

He also mentions James getting into the studio to work on his new album. Also he thanks everyone who helped raise $3000 for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Ted Bundy eh? That should be interesting. Oh gosh James is a busy boy right now! I especially like the bit about him juggling lots of work and job offers and more stuff being ironed out.

We've already got Superman Doomsday,, Torchwood, P.S. I Love You , Without a Trace and a new album to look forward to this year and now Chasing The Devil as well and more stuff in the pipeline!

It's a good time to be a JM fan.
Interesting stuff, indeed.

He's a busy boy at the moment isn't he. Good times. :0)
Ted Bundy!!!!
That should be quite interesting. I remember an original movie about him....I think it might have been Mark Harmon who portrayed him...or maybe Gary Cole, but anyway...Bundy was quite a terrifying killer. I wish it was more than a cameo though because I know James could do an amazing job with this.

Boy, it really makes me happy to see him so busy though. Lots and lots of Jamsey goodness to look forward to.
cant wait to see that wish he was in it more like oh well i'll take my daily james anyway lol :)
A friend of mine found this info about the novel the movie is based on.

"... For those of you familiar with the "Green River Killer," the lead investigator of that 20-year case, Sheriff David Reichert, has released the book Chasing the Devil. ...
... A perk of the audiobook that some listeners will like is that there are excerpts from interviews Reichert had with both Ridgway as well as Ted Bundy -- another serial killer from the Seattle area. Both killers sound like normal people. There is nothing chilling in their vocal patterns. Still, it is kind of creepy knowing you are listening to the voice of someone who has no compunction when it comes to ending lives. ..."

I remember James, when asked how playing Spike has changed his life, responding with something like, "I don't have to borrow money to buy groceries anymore."

So good to see him so busy!

Hmmm...Ted Bundy...charming, articulate, handsome, and a merciless, cold-blooded murderer. Yeah, I think James can pull that one off.
I read a review (I think on of the book on which the movie is based. It said that the investigators interviewed Bundy because he contacted them and offered to help. He offered "insights" into the killer's probable behaviour. Apparently the author felt Bundy both needed the attention from the police and felt competitive with the other murderer. Could be an interesting cameo.
I agree, debw, it's a GREAT time to be a JM fan!!!!
I'm just so happy we were warned that it's a cameo.
I wouldn't want to anticipate a larger role and be disappointed.
Looking forward to this and all of James' new projects.
James is a busy boy indeed. Does he plan on doing a guest spot on Supernatural? I've recently become a fan of the show. I love the guest star line-ups with former Buffy and Angel alums. It would be a treat to see James on the show or even Nick Brendon for that matter.
I also would love to see him on Supernatural. I really like that show and James would be a great guest star. I also agree with you, buffsbabe, that it is good that we are warned it is a cameo appearance. I am still sore at Saving Grace, if I had known that was going to be almost like a cameo, I wouldn't have been so disappointed.
I remember watching a really good US mini-series from the late 80s/early 90s that was set over 30 years and it was about a serial killer who buried his victims on his land. I think it might have been loosely based on the Green River killings but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the mini-series.
Simon I think you are thinking about John Wayne Gacy, the movie was made in 1992;

"'To Catch a Killer' tells the true gruesome story of John Wayne Gacy - a good friend and helpful neighbour, a great child entertainer, a respectful businessman, and a violent serial killer who raped and murdered over 30 young boys. ... and something more frightening is found - there are bodies buried all over the property! Gacy is charged with 33 counts of first-degree murder. "

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I really like Supernatural, too, and would love to see JM on that show. Not playing a vampire, though.
Thanks RavenU, I must try and watch that again. It was an incredibly good mini-series.
Simon Don't know if you mean Chiefs, but that was an amazing mini-series back in the 80's. Keith Carradine played the killer and there were generations of different police chiefs. Brad Davis was particularly amazing in it.

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