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September 12 2007

Southland Tales official one-sheet is out. It includes a nice picture of SMG.

It doesn't have the hand-from-the-mushroom-cloud image that I liked so much, but it's complex and interesting. See the U.S. flag?

I had no interest in this film until I just seen the poster. Sold! I'm seeing it!

Okay, I just checked out the IMDB page and I am DEFINITELY seeing this! The cast is greatness: Cheri Oteri, Miranda Richardson, Kevin Smith, Justin Timberlake (shut up I like his acting), John Larroquette, Nora Dunn, Amy Poehler, Janeane Garofalo and of course SMG. I am SO seeing this.

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Good poster. It highlights the diverse cast better.
I really can't wait to see this now. It's been a long time coming but I'm hoping that with the re-editing that Richard Kelly has got something that won't totally alienate audiences but that he's still artistically satisfied with.
Eek gads. Their graphic person made Sarah look old.
Had never even bothered to look at who the supporting cast was, I only knew about SMG, The Rock, Timberlake, and Seann William Scott. Wows. What's funny is that nearly all of 'em are known for their comedic roles, and while I know there's humor in this, it'll be interesting to see them in something that'll apparently be quite serious overall.

And that's a beautiful ad. Wouldn't hang it on my wall as a poster, but maybe as a desktop background if they make a widescreen version of it ? (which would be even more blatently flag-like).
Wow! That poster is amazing! I'm very excited about this film. Yay Sarah!

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