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September 12 2007

End of an Era - Buffy no longer on F/X weekdays. Sigh...

Apparently Buffy reruns will now only be shown on F/X on Saturday and Sunday AMs, still at the ungodly hour of 7:00AM. What are those of us who were used to getting ready for work with the Buffster supposed to do!??!

I'm so sad that it's not on any more. Angel is still on at 6:00 a.m. but no longer back-to-back at 7:00 a.m. I'm going to go through serious withdrawals.
Darn...And I just got cable for this.
Dare I ask what did they replace it with? This is horrible.
I also watch this most everyday while getting ready.
Yeah I found that one out the hard-way. My morning schedule used to be be wake up at 6:45, watch 15 minutes of Angel, turn to 10 minutes of Buffy then leave for work. Then last week I see they are airing "Las Vegas" which I didn't even know was on long enough to be syndicated and then this mast monday I see Malcom in the Middle on FX. Now after my 15 minutes of Angel I eat my maple & brown sugar oatmeal in silence. *sigh*
This just sucks. I had just discovered the pairing about two weeks ago.
Wow, end of an era indeed. Sorry Buffy risers...
I usually watch Angel in the morning when checking email and the like. This doesn't surprise me all that much really. It's a bummer yeah, but now you all have to go out and buy the Chosen collection and this. Wait, what's that I hear?? Too much trouble to turn on a dvd in the morning? I suggest getting it ready at night so in the morning all you have to do is hit a button.

Sad indeed, but these shows are eternal. Geesh, I'm cheesy.
Yeah I found that one out the hard-way. My morning schedule used to be be wake up at 6:45, watch 15 minutes of Angel, turn to 10 minutes of Buffy then leave for work. Then last week I see they are airing "Las Vegas" which I didn't even know was on long enough to be syndicated and then this mast monday I see Malcom in the Middle on FX. Now after my 15 minutes of Angel I eat my maple & brown sugar oatmeal in silence. *sigh*

So I wasn't the only one with that exact routine? Since I refuse to eat my cheerios with a perky morning show, I just watch the first few minutes of whatever my DVR picked up the night before. It's just not the same though . . .
what!?! huh!?!? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Sigh. That stinks. I haven't been able to watch, since my morning are earlier than Buffy these days, but it was nice to know it was there.
I'm sure it'll come back. FX has taken it off before but always brings it back.
Gonna miss it...*sniff, sniff* Guess that is a good reason to buy the seasons I don't own.
And they did it right after Once More With Feeling too. Now I need to wait until this weekend for a clean slate?

I always get a kick out of hearing Giles do the intro voice overs, "previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer..."

Sad day in Sunnydale.
No way! It was always there, like a constant. *sniff*
I never watched Buffy in the mornings (I have the Chosen Collection), but watching Angel was a ritual for a while. I had to be at school by 8:00, so I could watch about an episode and a half before I had to take off. The fondest memory I had was going to the hospital for my grandmother's bypass surgery and seeing "Fredless" (my favorite episode from season three) on the TV. It may sound cheesy, but that made the rest of the day easier somehow. It a shame they decided to air something else.
I used to set my DVR to record Buffy in the morning and then I would watch it when I came home for lunch. Now I'll have to record Angel instead (except for Season 4 - which I will skip).

I'm another who had the early morning ritual. I'd watch Angel at 6:00 and then switch over to Buffy. If I preferred the next episode of Angel to the Buffy episode, I'd switch back. So, last week Las Vegas begins, but I thought "I still have Buffy" -- and then, after seeing OMWF on Monday, I tuned in Tuesday to watch Tabula Rasa -- and there was Malcolm in the Middle. UGH! A quick search online proved that they had moved Buffy to the weekend. I was depressed the rest of the day.

The day they pull Angel off, I'll truly cry, because there is nothing else to watch while getting ready for work. Although I'm a newshound, most of what is reported on the news networks in the a.m. is regurgitated stuff from the day before.

It truly is an end to an era.
FX is how I got into Buffy to start with. Whenever I travel to other cities, I always felt like I was at home because I could watch Buffy and Angel each morning.

Well that just SUCKs.
This news makes me so sad. I have the whole collection but I still loved knowing it was on tv and making new fans.
It's great t oknow that early-risers (as opposed to me, a guy on the overnight shift, wake up with Buffy on the weekdays. But I guess F/X decided she's no longer the best best for the morning crowd, except on weekends. Actually, why doesn't it have Buffy marathons? She marked her tenth anniversary. Cable should have observed it a little better. As for Angel, I suspect he'll be taken off mornings before long, too, for the same reason.
October 2004 I was hospitalized. The days and nights were long and sheer boredom made me seek out the television. I wasn't much of a TV viewer, and my opinion that there wasn't much worth watching during the daytime was quickly confirmed. However, I was supremely bored, and flipping through the channels gave me something to do. Back then, F/X showed two hours of Buffy in the afternoon, so I had ample opportunity to keep bumping into it during my channel surfing. I immediately dismissed it as a silly teenage show, but as I kept flipping through, I would catch witty quips. I settled in to watch an episode. I wasn't hooked, but it was the best thing on TV. I'm not sure how many episodes I watched before I realized how charming the characters were, how sharp the dialogue was, and what a great mirror to life the episodes were. Time moves slowly in a hospital, and it gave me the opportunity to acquaint myself with Buffy and her friends.

Hopefully F/X will bring Buffy back in another time slot.
In the summer of 2004, we moved from Colorado to New York, and we had absolutely nothing in our new house--no books, no beds, no dishes--for a month, except for a TV our friends loaned to us. I hadn't watched Buffy or Angel since middle school, and that was how I rediscovered it...flipping through the channels despondently, unbearably bored.... I couldn't remember why I had ever left it in the first place. (At first. Then I remembered Connor had suddenly become a teenager and Anya and Xander had broken up and my little middle school self couldn't take it anymore, heh.)

I'm just grateful to F/X for easing me through a very difficult move and reawakening my love. It hasn't faded since.
In 2001, F/X first began showing Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had never seen it before, so I decided to catch it the day they premiered it. Unfortunately, they showed the awful '92 flick immediately before it...I almost didn't watch the show because of how much I hated it. But luckily, I did. Without F/X, I doubt I would've ever gotten into Buffy, and I would be a drastically different person today.

So I hope F/X keeps it on...
You guys are lucky on the West Coast, for those of us in Central Time Zone, Buffy was on at 6:00AM. It was hard enough to get out of bed at that time, but Buffy had made it much easier. I too was looking forward to Tabula Rasa on Tuesday, and faced great disapointment instead. It will be DVR for me too.
neither show has been playing in (english) Canada either, it used to be on Space: The Imagination Station, and on Razer, but no longer. Sure I have the dvds and play them all the time, but there's something about watching it on tv, even with the commercials, it's like it's not really over. i really hope some station decides to play it soon, well, other than the french channel here, i just can't watch it in french even though i understand it.
Sad. The reruns on F/X are the sole reason I ever watched Buffy, and subsequently became obsessed with everything produced by Joss Whedon. Man...
Well, since I watched Buffy originally on DVDs, I just think of it as a natural way to view the program. I really despise TV commercials. They waste my time, and break up my thought process when watching a show.

Of course, I'm one of those folks who will pay to watch a few good programs and not bother with the other fluff on broadcast TV.
I always watched Buffy on the BBC, before buying the DVDs, so I've never seen it with adverts - it would feel all kinds of wrong if I saw it that way now. But my condolences to all those whose morning routines were brightened a little by our show. Here's hoping they(TPTB) see sense soon.
This makes me sad. FX is how I discovered the whedonverse and now nobody else will be able to do that.
The FX reruns are also what made me realize how good BtVS was and become such a fan of the show. At first it seemed so strange that they were playing it so early, but then it was when this mom got hooked while packing lunches and making breakfasts, so I guess somebody knew something. (sigh)
Wow. I wonder how many Buffy DVD's have been sold as the direct result of people discovering the show on FX. I'm thinking some Fox execs need to do lunch or something.
Oh man, this sucks. Those reruns were how I got into BtVS! Remember when they would show them at from 12pm-2pm? I used to come home from school for lunch, start watching and literally just skip the rest of my classes, lol. It was totally worth almost not graduating. :)

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