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September 12 2007

Charisma Carpenter to appear on "The Apprentice". TV Guide has the scoop.

I'll have to watch it now. Kind of prefer the UK version, but Charisma's so watchable, I'll want to see it.
Never saw the UK version, Brazilian one is painful though.
I did enjoy seasons 2~4 (yeah, never saw the first one), but season 5 are 6 were soooo boring....
This is brilliant.

And kind of scary. Do we think we want to see Charisma with "The Unholy Trinity"? (She'd totally kick their bums, though, right? I mean, it's Cordy, for god's sake. She was those girls before those girls were... those girls.)
I have watched both the UK and US versions and prefer the US version. However as the BBC has only shown up to the third season I haven't seen any of the more recent episodes so I'm not sure if it's still as good as it was. I have my doubts occasionally about how authentic some of it is, but it's almost always highly entertaining TV, and it's always fun to watch people struggling to avoid being fired.

So I think it'll be fun to see Charisma in this, although I don't think it's quite as good as seeing her in a drama. I'm wondering whether she is having trouble getting roles (because I have to admit that anyone appearing on a reality show is usually desperate to regain a lost career), but hoping that it's just something Charisma will find fun and might make her some money or increase her fame a little, not a sign of her career floundering.
No, we want to see Charism instead of the "Unholy Trinity " of Paris, Lindsay and Britney. Actually, some may try to engineer a fight between Charisma and Ivanka Trump, just to see what happens. If both women are too smart for that trap, it will truly improve their images.
Is this definite? TvGuide makes it sound unconfirmed, but that feels CYA.
This is really sad. Charisma has too much genuine talent to be reduced to this.
Because being on a reality tv show is so, so easy barboo? And requires no talent? It's a testament to her talent that the producers of The Apprentice could be considering having on the show... to create drama and intrigue, to bring in viewers, and to show that people are actually interested in Charisma as well as and beyond any of the characters she plays.

I'm disappointed at so many people being prejudiced against reality television shows simply because they are viewed as the degraded form of scripted drama. They're incredibly difficult to make, and are very, very risky products. Considering most of us would've come here together because of a couple of television shows it's even more disappointing - let us not forget that telvision is the "poor man's cousin" and "degraded" form of film.

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Ah, well... life (sorta) imitates art (sorta).

Myself, I tend to be prejudiced, if that's the word, against a lot of reality shows I've checked out simply because (in my opinion as always) they suck most royally, regardless of their risk, difficulty, expense or longevity.*

"... Meet My Rich Phoney Sex Date or whatever unreality series they've got up their. Er. Sleeves." - Tim Minear,, 12/13/02, re: Firefly's cancellation

"Iíve never made mainstream TV very well. I like surprises, and TV isnít about surprises, unless the surprise is who gets voted off of something." - Joss, the Bronze Beta Board, 2/14/04, re: Angel's cancellation

* One exception - I like Project Runway, though reality's certainly got nuttin' to do with it. They create original clothing, and I like that, however it happens...
I can't even watch American Idol, which IMO, at least has an interesting concept. And, some great talent. It's all the "behind the scenes" interactions, tears, yelling, long "dramatic"pauses, etc., that make it impossible for me to get involved in any of them. The only one I can watch is "Landscaper's Challenge" on HGTV. It actually is real and informative. I'll not be tuning in for Charisma's appearance on "The Apprentice". But I wish her well!
QuoterGal, the one difference I think is that The Apprentice isn't actually just a showcase for the most desperate or fame hungry contestants.

You could debate how demanding the tasks actually are, how accurately they portray real business situations, and perhaps how much the contestants are actually involved in and whether or not they receieve extra help behind the scenes.

However I honestly think that The Apprentice is a lot better than many shows simply because the idea is that it will require business acumen, creativity, hard work, perserverance, personality and common sense for the contestants to win. I'm fairly certain they aren't chosen for how attractive they are in a bikini and they don't seem to be exploited for drama due to personal quirks or mental insecurities. [Of course I'm sure it's unlikely that there won't be a few hot contestants chosen as eye candy because it's TV we're talking about but at least it's not the focus of the show].

In the non-celebrity series, all of the contestants are qualified in some way to take part- they either run their own businesses or have respectable jobs in the business industry.

Basically, I too hate reality TV, except for The Apprentice and I hate to see it tarred with the same brush as the likes of Big Brother.

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