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September 12 2007

Seth Green interview with The AV Club. Talks briefly about Oz and what led to his departure from the show.

And Party Monster -- Seth may think nobody saw that one, but he can justifiably be proud of that role. It was almost the polar opposite of Oz, stole the show from Macaulay Culkin (whose own performance, I had to admit, was not bad at all), and completely won me over. It was like Stallone in Copland, I was utterly mesmerized, and could not take my eyes off of them. If I ever meet James St. James, I must tell him Seth Green does him better than he does himself!
Great interview! I don't think I've ever got to read this much in-depth information from Seth before. Makes me want to watch Robot Chicken more than ever.
Yeah, that's what I figured was the reason for him leaving. As much as I love Oz... he isn't real. But Seth Green is, and that role really wasn't using him to his fullest potential. Glad that he's moved on to more satisfying work.
I like that they talked about the X-Files episode. That was the first time I really noticed Seth. Funny that they didn't include "My Stepmother is an Alien". You'd think they'd mention that and Alyson on the Buffy connection.
Seth Green seems like one of the coolest people. I don't say that about any actor that often, but he seems really laid back and genuine. It's always fun to read his interviews.
I liked Oz, but he's right, there wasn't much development there. Oz was mainly used as a stoic prop to bounce crazy stuff off of, sort of the ultimate straight-man. The character did have more potential, but like Tara after him, Willow's romantic appendage seemed to get marginalized. I understand why, though. This was suppose to be a story about Buffy and her friends, not just her friends.

Still, the fact that we love Oz and Tara as people, even though they aren't real people, is a testament to BtVS's great writers, actors and directors.
Kinda sad that he essentially gave up Buffy for Knockaround Guys. I saw it, it isn't as quality as Seth seems to be implying it is, but I also didn't think it was terrible. There's some decent acting in it and as far as Seth's character goes, he . Not required viewing.

It seems that a number of genre creators have had this problem with their actors. The actors understandably not patient enough to see a creator's vision through...but when it takes a commitment of years of your young working life, it makes sense to bail if things look real unsure and you've got other opportunities Prime example and my favorite for an exit really de-railing a storyline--anyone who's watched Babylon 5 and read up on some of the backstage drama that went on with some of that show's crew (mostly a couple of the leading ladies, namely Andrea Thompson) knows that things played out a lot differently than they were originally planned. Who knows, maybe Joss had some great stuff for Oz down the road that would've come to fruition as near as mid-Season 4 or soon after. We do know that he would've been the one dead in Season 5 or 6 and I imagine Tara wouldn't have entered the picture (although that kind of triangle could've caused some interesting and fun dynamics...but it also would've become too much "The Willow Show" if that happened).

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