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September 12 2007

Pink Raygun counts down the top 100 Femmes of Genre Film and Television. The Buffster, Willow, and the women of Firefly all make the list, with the highest honors (amongst the Whedonverse) going to the women of Firefly.

My favorite? Captain Janeway and Buffy, those would be my 1 and 2, and though I consider myself a sci-fi and genre film and television nerd, I have never heard of Death (Sandman). I am so ashamed...

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I don't think I agree with this list...
I love Death of the Endless, but she's not really a TV or film character, at least not yet.
Pretty good list, but it made a huge mistake leaving off Selina from 28 Days Later (deja vu). And that most of the people on the list came in higher than Sydney Bristow is a crime, but to each their own, I guess. Also mad props for Katara and Toph from the Avatar, who both should have made the list. And if you're gonna mention someone from Nightwatch I don't understand how it could be anyone other than Olga.

Hey there KernelM Death has a deal in development "Death's Day" written and directed by Mr. Gaiman. And the list says In Development works.
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I'm not wasting any time grumbling about who else got on the list. With all those Whedonesque women in the top 20, I'm a happy camper.
I'm not sure what their criteria was for determining the order, but Willow could wipe the floor with Hermoine Granger, magically or intellectually. I mean, Hermoine needs a wooden stick to do magic, and she has like a 5th grade education when it comes to non-magical things.

I care too much about this.
it made a huge mistake leaving off Selina from 28 Days Later


Ahh. Would this be the 28 Days Later that both director and writer deny is actually a genre film? Just asking.

I agree with Maeve. Except for the lumping together of the Firefly women. Not sure I agree with that.
It's great to see so many whedonverse women on the list, but I agree that lumping the women of Firefly together is pretty lame. And I think all the Whedon women should be placed higher than they are, especially Buffy and Willow.
I loved seeing the women of BSG on the list and Laura Roslin at #12 was totally cool. But Starbuck way down at #42? That's as bad as having Sydney from Alias at #67.
But how seriously can you take a list with the title "of Genre Film and Television" that gives it's #1 spot to a character who has never been in a film or on TV?

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