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September 12 2007

(SPOILER) Clip of Alyson Hannigan on Conan O'Brien. AH discusses pogo sticks, Halloween, and the upcoming season of How I Met Your Mother.

Spoiler-tagged if you don't want to know who is guest starring in the premiere of HIMYM. After an advertisement, you can click on her segment.

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Too bad.
Well, she looked cute with bangs, and talked about how she had to deal with trick-or-treaters who try to come to her house t oget an extra candy bar. She was also very excited about the season premiere of her show...namely because of who's in it.
She came across very young in that video. I guess it was the bangs. And ironically, there's a HIMYM that covers that. I think the line even says she looks much older than her Homecoming picture.
Wow, I used to think I was getting too many trick or treaters when I hit a hundred (in a small town in Iowa), I can't imagine having over a thousand!
I think the bangs are cute, but I wish she would go back to the red hair.
I don't watch HIMYM so I was very surprised by the new
cut and color. If I hadn't recognized the voice I
would have bet money that that was somebody else.

But quite frankly she looks better now than ever. And
she is genuinely funny in RL. Alexis is a lucky man.
This makes me remember how much I love Aly. I'm loving the mental image of her laughing hysterically while bouncing on a pogo-stick!!!
The bit about the toothbrushes was pretty funny.
Conan O'Brien is hilarious, and the skits on his show are the funniest on late night TV. But, IMHO, he's also the worst interviewer on late night TV. I would have loved to have seen Alyson on Leno, or that one with the Irish guy for the host-- they can really draw people out and have great interviews.

(edit: or maybe he's Scottish)

[ edited by dispatch on 2007-09-13 05:44 ]
Dispatch, you're 'maybe' is correct - Craig Ferguson is Scottish. And you're right that his interviews are really good (that always surprises me, because his monologue and skits don't really do it for me).

He had Chiwetel Ejiofor on his show a while back, but I didn't catch it.
That's the one, Craig Ferguson. I feel the same way: the monologue is so-so, but he has a great way of drawing out guests. The way he responds is friendly but the funny has an edge. Not quite as conversational as Leno-- Leno has a great way of being the guest's buddy, and he comes across as genuine (so either he's a brilliant actor or he really is a nice guy)-- but Ferguson gets the same effect in a different way.

Given my pick of who I would want interviewing my favorite stars, it would be in this order: Ferguson, Leno, Letterman, O'Brien, Carson Daly. Kimmel I don't watch enough of to know either way. Carson Daly is at the end not because he's a bad interviewer (I actually think he's better than O'Brien), but because things seem to fall flat on his show so much; even the good interviews do nothing for me.
Jon Stewart is a better interviewer than any of those other US late night hosts, I'd say. I watched Jodie Foster interviews with Letterman and Stewart on consecutive nights. Stewart asked interesting questions about her movie, and she gave thoughtful articulate answers. On Letterman, he just got her to recite stupid anecdotes about her travel, acted like he had no idea who she was ("So, were you once a child actor?"), and leered.

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