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September 12 2007

HalloWhedon Hootenanny happening at SiliCon in San Jose - Saturday, October 6th. The Silicon Gulch (San Jose) Browncoats are hosting Silicon's first ever SiliCon Masquerade Ball! This big event is an all things Whedon-themed ball covering Buffy, Angel, Firefly and more! AND you can get a special price just for fans if you register through this site! Since the the Silicon Gulch Browncoats are hosting this event, you know it's going to be a rip roarin' good time. Hope to see you there!

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I hope there's a prize for most esoteric Whedonverse costume. I mean, everyone expects to see Mals and Buffys (Buffies?), but I want to see someone dressed up as the etch-a-sketch from Toy Story. :)
Do you think someone could come dressed as the planet Bob?

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