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September 13 2007

What is The Office about? Blogger Wax Banks (previously featured on Whedonesque) discusses what "The Office" is really about - comparing it to Buffy's exploration and creation of family units.

As a self-confessed Josshole, Banks uses the Joss-directed episode "Business School" as an example of the show having a heart - as opposed to the UK original, which was much more abrasive.

That's a good read. There's a certain Freudian simplicity to the suggested convergence that I tend to initially find alluring and then when I feel the confined walls closing in I start rally against the notion. I prefer to think of a truly diverse, evolving landscape instead of one where all roads lead to the same place(s).

To comfort myself I'll say this: the plucked-string-wackiness in an otherwise perfectly played musical ensemble might land the whole experience a finer seat at the long table of memory.

Viking note: all roads, which are really boats, lead to yonder. Divergence, not convergence. Viking Writing Express(c).

Paddle, dammit, paddle to where ye want to be; for the current won't take thine...theen...thou' there.

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