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September 13 2007

David Boreanaz to appear on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It's an early show so get your tickets now before they are gone.

This was the body of an email I received this morning:

First, for anyone who has ever had trouble making it to the show by 3:45 PM because of a job, on Thursday, September 13th and Monday, September 17th we are taping evening shows! It's a rare occasion, and you don't have to arrive until 5:30 PM. In addition, we have some amazing upcoming guests in the next couple of weeks, including Jason Alexander, Eric Idle, Alan Alda, James Woods, Mandy Moore, Jeff Goldblum, Dr. Phil, Juliette Lewis and The Licks, Rosie O'Donnell, DL Hughley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Cary Brothers, David Boreanaz, They Might Be Giants, Kevin Smith and many more!! For more information and to request tickets to be in the intimate audience, please use the following link:

Good luck to anyone wanting to go...

I'm eager to see DB on another talk show. He is always fun to see. I noticed that his partner Emily Deschanel will be on Sept. 24th. I can't wait until "Bones" is back on Sept. 25th. All the promos and seeing the DVDs just makes me more antsy to see a new episode.
Kizzy, I'm with you. I can't wait either. My DVD's are on the way - maybe they'll arrive today, though probably not. I love that show.

Craig Ferguson is my favorite of the late night shows (next to John Stewart) but I can rarely stay up that late. I have to get up at 4:30 am on Tuesdays so you can bet I'll tape (no Tivo-still in the Dark Ages) both the Sep 24th show and the Oct 1st one. Really looking forward to them.
Thanks for the heads up, madmolly ... I'll have to make a point to tape it (in case I fall asleep) ;)

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