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September 13 2007

Steve DeKnight talks about his new show 'Viva Laughlin'. It's a musical comedy drama based on the BBC series 'Viva Blackpool'.

If it's DeKnight, then it's bound to be good. Curious, did he have a contract with BBC before?

Again, thanks Simon.
I loved the UK show, and am hard pressed to see how they're going to make this work. Laughlin just doesn't have the same kind of iconic cultural standing as its Blackpool counterpart.

I'm pleased that DeKnight is getting this chance, but the fact that they replaced the original showrunner Bob Lowry doesn't make me optimistic.
I was interested in this show the first time I saw a clip of Hugh Jackman singing "Sympathy for the Devil." Of course I'm a big fan of musicals, so there's an automatic appeal there. I just hope it's done well, and with DeKnight on board, there is hope to be had. Just so long as we don't have another disaster like "Cop Rock," we'll be ok!
I was initially convinced this was going to be an absolute waste of time, but then I watched the originally series and really liked it. So, we'll see.
I quite liked Blackpool, too, but I think it largely worked because it was all of six episodes long, and then it ended properly. How they're going to keep it up for a full US season and more, I have no clue.
To be honest, Viva Laughlin shares top honors with Cavemen on my list of shows to be cancelled first. I'm planning on watching it, but not optimistically. Let's hope it exceeds my expectations enough to prove me wrong.

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