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September 14 2007

Download pilot of "Chuck" (starring Adam Baldwin) from Amazon's Unbox for *free*! Downloads to your computer or straight to your TiVo.

Enjoy! I did :)

You can also get the pilots for Bionic Woman (with an appearance by Mark Sheppard), Life, and Journeyman for free.
Still in some weird Digital Restrictions Format, right?
Seems to be US only (I got all through the "buying" process - after a *cough* wee fib about my address, thanks to Shannon Doherty for the zip code ;) - and downloaded the viewer software but then no videos came up in my library).

'Journeyman' went from a "Meh, 'Quantum Leap' much ? But I like Kevin McKidd - and Moon Bloodgood ;) - so i'll watch it" to "This could be next year's 'Heroes'". Very good pilot IMO, touched all the right bases for me, intriguing central mystery, nice cast, good performances and a hero you can accept as a regular guy and respect for how he deals with his "predicament" - the last scene especially raised a little "Yesss!". One of my picks.

And 'Chuck' itself had more of a heart than I was expecting and fewer "yuck yuck" man-child style jokes (or maybe they just appealed to this man-child ;). It's kind of 'Jake 2.0' meets "The IT Crowd" (UK sitcom) but with a bit of an edge too. Adam seems slightly "rent-a-Fed" for now, hopefully we'll see his character round out a bit.
Saje's right about "Journeyman," but "Life" seems to be the cream of the NBC crop this fall. Of course, that means it's going to be canceled, but I'll watch up until then.

"Chuck," however, I wanted to like and couldn't. The prospect of more Adam Baldwin is the only thing that would maybe make me watch the second ep. It tries to balance action and espionage with humor, like "Burn Notice" did, but "Chuck" can't pull it off. It might get better, but I'm not impressed.

Oh, and if you're a TiVo subscriber, a nerd and a person looking to be insulted, you can watch the pilot of "Big Bang Theory" from the main menu.
Yeah, 'Life' was very similar for me, to start with I was all "Cool. What the world was missing, another police procedural. Yawns" (and I actually quite like procedurals ;) but Damien Lewis's kind of eccentric but largely "tic" free performance made it well worth watching. The gimmick started to not feel like a gimmick but a natural, interesting and edgy character trait.

And I love the zen aspect. How far will it take him, how much does he really feel it ? It's a new enough idea (to me anyway) to be intriguing.
I've been able to catch a few of the pilots through On Demand. "Bionic Woman" looks amazing, "Chuck" is going to be fun, and "Life" looks too good to last for very long ("Raines" anyone?). Tonight I'll take a look at "Journeyman," but it did look a little too "Quantum Leap" for my tastes.
I was so excited to see "Chuck" and "Bionic Woman". I loved the pilot for "Chuck" and will definitely be tuning in. The pilot for "Bionic Woman" was no where near as awesome as the original one they showed at Comic Con though, I really don't like the sister-swapping that they did, as well as some of the minor changes they made to setting, etc. It was good stuff though; I'll still be watching.
you can get all 4 of those (full episodes of Chuck, Life, and Journeyman; sneek peak of bionic woman) on a preview dvd at blockbuster for free.

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