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"Dude, Gwar fell on your car."
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September 14 2007

Gellar still CAREs. Video from CARE website following her visit to Guatemala.

"When you educate a woman, you strike at the root of poverty."

I know Sarah gets a lot of slack online from people, but - you know - she's sat there with a tshirt saying "I'm powerful", talking about something important, for an organisation which essentially gets almost zero press. Go SMG.
Way to help right the universe Sarah!

Incidentally, while she was in Guatemala, several previously unsolved crimes were miraculously solved...So on top of doing wonderful charity work, I think she also might be Spider-Man. (Has anyone ever seen them together???)
Girls' education is crucial and embattled. Go, Sarah Michelle!
That's one important message to get out. Yeah Sarah!
wow, I'm touched! Go Sarah!

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