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September 14 2007

Seth Green thinks you need to leave Chris Crocker ALONE. A Soup Web exclusive on MySpace. Watch, and laugh.

That's fuckin' HI-larious!! I saw the Chris Crocker vid earlier this week and was a whole lot frightened. Thanks Seth for taking away the cringe factor for me.

Nice tag missb.
Proof that Seth Green is a genius (like we needed it).
That's gold, baby! Freakin' gold! I especially love the eyeliner.
The ever hilarious (and tangible) Seth Green... pure awesome.
Ta- first link!
I haven't stopped laughing over the original in days,and Seth's response was the proverbial cherry on top.
If there's anyone in the world who missed Chris Crocker's defense of Britney (and it got more than 5 million hits!) go here for back story!
Oh that is so funny! And thank you, missb, for the link to the Chris Crocker video which I had only heard about and hadn't seen.
And don't you love that Seth managed to plug 'Robot Chicken'? He is always so professional!
Is he tangible? Can someone confirm this?
Oh, man. Brilliant! (I still don't know who Chris Crocker is - am I supposed to? I couldn't get past the first 10 seconds of the original video a few days ago - just way too excruciating...)
Thinking he's a vengeance demon. Yeah, that would explain it;)
Ooooo me me me...Craig, would love to confirm that for ya. Any idea where I can find him? This lesbian is finding herself with a weakness for funny, tiny redheads.

And before anyone says that does not include Red Buttons.
I was like, "Who the smeg is Chris Crocker?"
So I googled it.
I see.
That's...kinda weird.
Dude. You have too much time on your hands. Go audition for something.

P.S. Can I borrow your eyeliner?

P.S.S. What is the deal with your obsession with chickens and robots?

That's...kinda weird.

I know. Thank god our fandoms are sane *ahem*.
We can afford to be, Simon. We've got people like Seth Green to do it for us!
Seth looks good in eyeliner. Even crying.
I managed to miss this whole post-VMA phenomenon - if that's the word, or maybe brouhaha - 'til this link, but now that I'm all up to speed, I can't say that I feel very... embiggened by it.


Such a lot of fuss. But of course, Seth's version is painfully funny, and kinda adorable, and eyeliner does suit him particularly well. He can assert his tangibility, but I'm afraid I need such a highly dubious claim proven in person - as soon as possible, please.

There is also this message of support from Optimus Prime, so ignore Chris Crocker at your peril... I also noticed that Chris' wikipedia entry is both "being considered for deletion" and "flagged for rescue" so there's a bit of a little power struggle going on there...

Myself, I'm starting to think I've either lived too long, or perhaps not long enough.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2007-09-15 00:02 ]
I'm afraid I have to question Seth Green's tangibility, I waited an hour in line at Comic Con to see him at the Top Cow panel, and all I saw was a video tape of why he wasn't there....
I also noticed that Chris' wikipedia entry is both "being considered for deletion" and "flagged for rescue" so there's a bit of a little power struggle going on there...

You should see the Whedonesque Wiki entry.
I am so happy that seth Green has done that video. The original was funny enough, but a Seth Green parody was even funnier.
Ha! Loved the shameless self promotion. The occasional application of eyeliner was also a nice touch.

[ edited by ElectricSpaceGirl on 2007-09-15 14:04 ]
I just about died of laughter watching this.....the original was scary...but this is hi-larious!

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