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September 14 2007

Serenity on the big screen in Orange County, Calif. Next Wednesday, Sept. 19, Serenity will be featured in the Classic Film Series at an art/indy theater in Costa Mesa, Calif. Death at a Funeral is also showing there. Double feature anyone? :)

I drove right by this theater today, and did a huge doubletake when I saw SERENITY on the marquis. I called the Regency South Coast Village, and apparently one of the managers is into Serenity (didn't speak directly to that Browncoat). Maybe s/he thought it would be a good match for Death at a Funeral. Hopefully we'll get a good SoCal turnout! Only a few days off the anniversary of the red carpet premiere.

Wed., Sept. 19
Show time: 7:30 pm
Ticket price: $6.00
Lots of nearby eateries right there (although more upscale) and a wider offering next door at South Coast Plaza.

And see an earlier thread with other upcoming screenings, including a couple in SoCal.

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That is great that it is on the marquis days ahead instead of just up for Wednesday. Especially over the weekend!

Psst. You know you can remove the extra edited by thing. You delete both edited bys and then when you save it only saves the last one.
Hey Anonymous1! Seeing that marquis definitely made me smile, and yes very cool to have it up for all to see in a VERY busy shopping area over the weekend.

Oh, and thanks for the tip--only one "edited by" now :)

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