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September 15 2007

Sarah Says Sexy Is... MSN Lifestyle asks SMG what turns her on.

The library, eh?

I wonder why the mention of whose clothes she's wearing when you can't see any in the picture. I mean are those REALLY her jeans?
I'm guessing the copy was written before the picture was chosen.
I think the clothes mentions are set as policy. And sicne you can't see them why doubt their ownership *grin.

That is a pretty picture of her, and I seldom say that. I had to shiver a bit before I could settle down and read the caption. At first i wondered if ti was suitable pic since I'm *in* a (public) lbrary right now.

Actually I was thinking about her buying clothes today, since she lives in the Big Apple and I know she likes Target and this morning I was at the Target in the Little Apple. (I have my ntoebooks with me so if I'd seen her I'd have asked her to autograph a page of a rough draft of one of my fics. It's a scene set in 2026 of a conversation between Buffy and her look-alike 16-year-old older daughter.)

I was also thinking about her a couple days ago; I was reading where there are apparently enough lingering toxins and asbestos from the September 11th hijackings in Lower Manhattan that it's proving an on-going risk to residents and workers. And Tri-Beca is near the Ground Zero.

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This is taken from the September 2007 edition of InStyle magazine, published in August. The picture has simply been cropped. A scan from the magazine (with the larger picture) can be found here.
Um, the full picture ain't really all about the clothes either.
Um, the full picture ain't really all about the clothes either.

Well, you can see the jeans she is wearing and her bra strap - these being the clothes that are mentioned. That, effectively, answers the 'mystery' about the mention of these clothes.
SMG=Sexiness Most Genuine
Still gorgeous. Love those eyes!
Um, the full picture ain't really all about the clothes either.

Lol. No it's really not. But it being Instyle Magazine's photo shoot, I guess it's to be expected.

I have the issue and they even did it with Dennis Leary's hockey gear, saying it was his own.

Anyway, it's a beautiful picture of SMG.
Sexy is... Sarah Michelle Gellar talking about Blade Runner. ;)
Sits with Haunt.
This being a glamor pic of SMG, even if it showed her whole body there wouldn't be any shoe credits.....
Sultry Magisterial Goddess.

Went to Japan a few years back on holiday and when we stepped out of the hotel in Tokyo on the first night, we looked up and saw (through a fine rain) a railway bridge with homeless people sleeping under it and then, above it, a skyline of tall affluent looking buildings with bright, "busy" neon signs all over the place. I commented that all we needed was a flying car and it was 'Bladerunner'. Me and SMG, clearly sympatico ;).

(pathetic but true: eating at a noodle bar pretending to be Deckard is still one of my abiding memories from that trip. Such a geek ;)

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