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"I miss my home. I miss my mom. I miss the gang. And churros. And sex. Great Muppety Odin, I miss that sex."
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September 15 2007

James Marsters Sept. Q and A online now. This month covers advise to Spike, bacon or sausage, what does generosity mean, among others. Also there is a snippet about upcoming news on his US album launch.

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To Spike: "Get over Buffy - you deserve better!"

*clutches heart and emits moan*

What do you think is the greatest musical instrument ever invented and why?
I think possibly the synthesizer. It used to take 100 - 500 years for a new instrument to assimilate itself into the orchestral, musical experience. They'd come up with a violin
and everyone would go crazy and the next 500 years would be all about how do we
incorporate the violin into our music. Now every new single that comes out has an
incredibly distinct, synthesized sound, which is tantamount to developing your own new musical instrument. That goes way past the best violinist anyone has ever heard because
even the best violinist that has been heard in 200 years is only playing the same instrument that's been played for 200 years and his song will sound very similar to the "hacks" that had preceded him. But the engineer that comes up with a new synthesized sound that has a human resonance, it's as if he's made a whole new instrument and the possibilities from
where I sit are endless. So, it's definitely keyboards, computers and synthesizers - and
that's really hard for a guitarist to admit.

Thank you muchly for THAT tidbit! It's quite hard to come up with a signature synth tone. I've been tooling with this kind of stuff a lot lately, and it's awesome that he'd mention it in the Q&A!

Also, the bit about Buffy was great.

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Use a fork and a piece of lumber. Strike the edge and listen to the song.
I think me probably just meant for Spike to get over Buffy so that he can find someone who loves him in the same way he loved Buffy.
We all know that Buffy was pretty good to Spike. She believed in him and trusted him to become that man. No way he meant that Buffy isn't good enough for Spike. I wouldn't think.
I don't think he is saying anything bad about Buffy herself, but everyone deserves someone to really love them as much as they love that person. Since JM has come down on the side of believing that Buffy did not really Love Spike, I could definitely see him feeling that he deserved a better relationship. Spike was also all about commitment to the person he loved, and Buffy never seemed interested interested that kind of commitment to him so it make sense to me. As I have said, though, I'm for them all moving on, Buffy included, so I'm right there with him already.

...I just don't want Buffy to move on to Xander...
Buffy wasn't that good to Spike. She treated him like garbage most of the time. The only time she ever came around was when she knew Spike was going to die. I think JM means that Spike deserved someone who loved him back and would treat him with the respect he earned.
"We all know that Buffy was pretty good to Spike"

Yes, if by "pretty good" you mean telling him he was worthless and beating him up and hating him because she used him for cheap thrills but didn't want to admit to him in public.

Joss Whedon wrote an immensely complex story there and a long journey; let's not reduce it to wishful Spuffy fanfic.
I think it would be best for all concerned if we moved away from this Buffy and Spike discussion.
I fully believe Buffy was in love with Spike and that he had earned her respect in the end. I disagree with James, Buffy's exactly what Spike deserves.
VilleValoistheOne: do read what I wrote above your post.

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