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September 16 2007

Whedon-people shows start gathering the Emmys. Dexter, Robot Chicken, and How I Met Your Mother picked up some awards at the Creative Emmy Awards last night. Personally I'm disappointed Drive didn't get the SFX award; partly because i felt it deserved it and partly because that would have been so cool...

At least Battlestar won for Special Effects. There was nothing out there that deserve it more than the "Exodus" two-parter. That stuff was what George Lucas wished the prequels could've looked like.
I really hope Steve Carell wins “Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series” for his performance in “Business School” tonight. He really deserves it and it would be awesome if Whedons episode would win him an emmy.
Yay for John Goodman for Studio 60! He is so good a playing a good ole boy :)

Ha! Dick in a Box....snickers.....
Yeah! I wanted to mention I was happy about John Goodman winning too, but I forgot. Anyway, yay for John!
I guess it's a small foot in the door for SciFi that BSG got a nomination for best writer of an individual episode, Drama, and one for best director, same category. I was really hoping all the separate "Soporano's" nominations would cancel each other out & BSG would slip in, at least in one category.
I think The Sopranos is one of the best shows ever on TV, right up there in any top five. But I really dislike the Emmys' penchant for throwing every nomination in sight to a great show after it's final season, for no reason other than it's the final season.
But then I generally dislike all TV awards because they're usually just so stuck in the rut of what's most "popular", as measured by ratings, rather than what might be innovative or unconventional. Thus no respect for SciFi/Fantasy, unless it has a monster popularity factor. As in Lost and Heros. Both OK shows I guess, although I personally don't like either one. But certainly not comparable to any of Joss's shows, which were totally ignored, or to the mind-blowingly excellent BSG.
End of rant. Embarrassed now, I take my genre love very seriously. :)
Actually John Goodman was up against a Buffy veteran, Christian Clemenson, who was Balthazar on Buffy, and plays a lawyer with Tourette's on Boston Legal. I thought Goodman was good, but that Clemenson was vastly better.

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