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September 16 2007

Anya and Andrew reunite on the radio! Today in fact. Tom Lenk will be the guest on the 'Dark Matters' show on Karma Air and Emma Caulfield is one of the hosts. The show kicks off at 5pm PST and can be listened to live here.

Time zones are confusing.

And this station is weird.

[ edited by Vince on 2007-09-17 00:06 ]
Ummm...i don't know what time that is eastern.....8pm?
What time is it in gmt+1?

Oh, never mind, I think the show starts NOW.
haha..listening now. Its pretty funny.
There's this one promo in the breaks that sounds slightly odd. Not sure if they're saying "new directions" or "nude erections".
The breaks scare me. I don't liek sitting through it so I just put it on mute and wait.
Tom wants to be on a BBC show.

Emma's Swedish is hilariously horrible.
I thought Tom's Angel trivia was very interesting.Emma was a hoot.
Looks like it should be available to listen to later as a podcast type thing for anyone that missed it. Not straight away though.
Someone just post us with a heads up when they do release it as a podcast..please?
The podcast is available now, y'all.

Oops, typed too soon, it's only part of ths show.

[ edited by Wm54 on 2007-09-18 04:44 ]
It's available now - just click on "Stream this show".

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