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September 17 2007

Buffy Memories convention in Paris. Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, Clare Kramer and George Jeanty are announced. ETA: Please read this comment for a clarification - Simon.

More to come?

[ edited by Simon on 2007-09-18 15:53 ]

At a glance, I don't see any mention of Amber, Nick or Clare.

There's a photo of Georges & Joss and Georges with the Buffybot ;)
The English version doesn't seem to have been updated but the French version has the news about Amber, Nick and Clare. Nothing about Georges. Looks like they tried to get Nathan Fillion as well.

I have to confess that I've never heard of this convention, does anyone know anything about it?
Nope, I sure don't. But how I long to go to a "séance d'autographes des stars." Even though I know it's just a regular old autograph session, it sounds so much spookier in French.

However, I just don't care for the sound of Nathan's being "Annulé, remplacé prochainement." It just brings up too many bad memories - but I guess it really means he's too busy working.
French can be a good way to say things; I never would have had Tara say oh, j’aime tes tetons. . . ton beau corps to Willow in English in one of my fics.

I realize it's not on topic but I can't afford a trip to Aris-pay so I don't have anything relevant to discuss.
Can't wait till someone tapes it or something because Paris is not a probable destination for me to be traveling to anytime soon.
@Simon - I had an email back in early August this year from the organisers describing themselves as a 'group of students' asking me to promote this on my website - I think they trawled for fan sites.

I haven't put this up on my site as I have never heard of them and am wary about convention collapse. At that time they listed these guests plus Nathan and James Leary, which is a pretty amibitious line up without any ticket sales.
Thanks for that The Do That Girl, I'll email the people who run the official Nick Brendon and Amber Benson sites to see if they know anything. And btw I didn't know you ran that site, one of my students absolutely adores it. Small world really :).
Well, I certainly hope this news is true 'cause it would be great to hear from Amber and Nick. Pretty please!!
The word back is that Amber has been invited but she is considering it so nothing has been set in stone. A big thanks to Little Willow for the info.
ooh thanks Simon *blushes*

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