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September 17 2007

(SPOILER) X-Books Solicitations for December. The final Joss Whedon/John Cassady issue of Astonishing X-Men wraps things up this December.

Official, complete solicitations will be out tomorrow, likely giving information for Runaways, and possibly some cover images.

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Do we know if the Giant-Sized finale is actually happening?
I know I'm supposed to get all excited about all the Jossy goodness but I'm more excited to see Marc Guggenheim return to Wolverine. He wrote the best story arc on Wolverine in the last decade. And not just, "Well this is good for a Wolverine story." kind of good (because everyone seems to have issues writing a good Wolverine solo story) but good, as in "This might just be the best book I've read this month." good.
This should be called Penultimate Astonishing X-Men. Ginormous-Size Annual Astonishing X-Men is the real end of the end.
Pointy, there have been conflicting reports. Since this IS the final issue of the series proper for these creators, it sort of counts. Until we get more confirmed info.
The most powerful force in the Whedonverse is the Jossian urge to tell a story to completion.

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