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September 18 2007

Firefly features in SciFi Now's top ten sci-fi rescues. Zoe and the gang coming to save Mal in 'War Stories' comes in at no. 3 on this fun list.

And the latest issue of SciFi Now features "The Complete Guide To Firefly" as well.

I admit, that was a good one. I really loved the scene where Kayee learns what River is really capable of doing. That look of horror on her face and the confusion upon River's was a perfect tell-tale of things to come.

Still, I'm partial towards "Out of Gas" and "Ariel" as the best of the series, but that's just my opinion.
My favorites are "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Jaynestown."
Still, I'm partial towards "Out of Gas" and "Ariel" as the best of the series, but that's just my opinion.

My feeling too, with War Stories a close third.

My favorites are "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Jaynestown."

Hmm... not sure I see the last one. Your love for that episode, it's probably hard to explain, why you liked the hero of Canton, the man they called Jayne? ;-)
Loved all of the above, but Objects in Space is probably the winner for me :)
Scene name...check.
Movie title...check.

The person(s) who thought it up then wrote it...bubkes. How's that making sense?

My favorite: "Out of Gas." writ by HPB...I've seen him referred to as "His Purple Badness," Joss Whedon. And a collective "duh" permeates the room.

I love "Out of Gas" as well, but it was not written by Joss. The credit for that amazing episode goes to Tim Minear. Who does give Joss credit for the extra shot of the BRB. (big red button)
"Out of Gas" is my favourite too, but isn't it writen by Tim (Minear)
The key word there is Joss Whedon. Yeah, I think he's a madman at heart of all of us.
Oh, my dear heavens...huge fowl flew over and dropped a foul on my melon!

I did a little transposition, very very sorry. I was seeing "out of gas" above and thinking "Objects in Space." I did not mean to take anything away from Joss or Tim with that blunder. This is not the first time I've transposed "out of gas" and "objects in space" - I think it's the o's and s's...whatever it is, sorry for the confusion. Yes, I'm rambling a touch. Tis an idiot's right. (How else am I to cement the moniker?)

...dear heavens, how ugly ironic my post has become...saying to salute the writer and then crediting the wrong writer. I guess my job at the Museum of Chronicology will go to someone more deserving.

edit: And so, to clarify, my favorite episode is "Objects in Space."

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Why would you ever say that?

Calling it a night, must get some sleep. Good night, all!
I'm delighted to see this rescue make the list, but I think I prefer the rescue from "Safe," where saving River and Simon makes them our Big Damn Heroes.
You know, I was a bit ambivalent about the list, but they at least got the #1 spot right.

And I gotta be honest--I loved Willow before I ever heard of Joss or Buffy. That movie doesn't get near enough respect.
"Safe" is all about rescuing other people. Plus, quality Mal lines when he's threatening violence at the end.

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Yeah, I prefer "Safe". More dramatic, less actiony.

"Yeah, but she's our witch, now cut her the hell down!"
It's a good list! Wish I'd wrote this one.

I'm writing a Buffy Season Six episode guide as I post this, however.

War Stories was something else. Headless Wash...great commentary, too.
Neat - and I now have at least some idea what Xander was on about in Buffy S8 #6!
There's no way the Mal rescue beats the FREAKING RESCUE OF MORPHEUS.

They blew up a building and fought SLOW MO throw bullet hazes and TOSSED HELICOPTERS!

Sorry for the caps, but I really can't fathom how Captain Mal beat out Morpheus on this one.

1. Matrix
2. Children of Men (Kee's rescue)
3. Firefly
4. Willow

That is all.
Oh yeah, that was fun. And all the comments made me realize just how many rescues of different types were featured on how many Firefly eps. But I ultimately agree with the choice of the rescue in War Stories. Out of Gas may have been more emotional & the great dialog in Safe is a definite plus. But I think this list is going for Action
And as much as I love Firefly, I have to agree that the Morpheus rescue in The Matrix kind of blew it out of the water. But then we're talking about a gazillion $ special effects budget for The Matrix, as opposed to Firefly's well known shoe-string budget.

What I'd like to see is a "most bang for the buck special effects in a movie" poll. It would have to be Serenity by a girnormous landslide.

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