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September 18 2007

Adam Busch (Warren) in "Back to You". Adam Busch has a recurring role on the new Fox sitcom "Back to You," starring Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton, which premieres Wed. Sept. 19.

Oh fun! I was on the fence about this one, but now I have to watch because I am a huge Adam Busch fan. Hopefully this will be a nice ensemble show, giving Adam a chance to show how smart and funny he is!

I've heard some good things about this and have been looking forward to it.
The show itself got *hammered* by the Philadelphia Inquirer and lukewarmed from the Allentown Morning Call. But fingers crossed.
Fox? Not much hope and even less love for the network that bleeped Sally Fields at the Emmy's for daring to suggest that if mothers were in charge of the country, there would be fewer wars. Not to mention .... well, the nickname "Fux" is well known, so no need to mention anything else.
But good for Adam, & since Kelsey Grammer is just brilliant, I may have to check this one out. As long as it doesn't employ that outmoded sitcom device from hell, the laughtrack.
Well, Shey, it was filmed in front of a live studio audience...
It was a pretty decent show. Nothing great, and a few off notes, but I can see this getting better, which is not a comment I usually grant to a sitcom with a laugh track (live or not).

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