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September 18 2007

Anthony Head's contribution to Paint4Poverty auction. More about the auction can be found here.

The dog looks like Giles. If Giles were a dog. Some dogs look like their owners, this one looks like his painter. Playing a librarian over a hellmouth.

Why am I about to click on Post?
thats totally awesome. all hail the giles-dog. with big ears.
He certainly put more effort into his than Kate Winslet did.
Aww, that's so nice, both the art and its intention.

And embers, uh, yeah. Kate was either feeling lazy or that's just some genius minimalism I can't grasp.
It's sweet - that cold, wet nose is so lovingly rendered.

I can't read one of the words he's written underneath:

"Pippa __ you like better?" (of? if? - neither of which makes sense to me...) does anyone have a better idea? Maybe it's just an obscure message...
Uh, "Pippa do you like butter"?
Oh, of course you're right, jcs, that's exactly what it says - I completely managed to miss the fact that that was a buttercup being held in front of Pippa.

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