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September 19 2007

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for Runaways #29. The fifth part of Joss' 'Dead End Kids' arc will be out in December.

Oh, it's like killing somebody all over again.
Sweet cover! Powerful! Cant wait to read it.
Oh, it's like killing somebody all over again.

Yes, I suppose if he couldn't do it himself, Joss might as well pour salt on that wound.
Or p'raps share character grief, touch villains' black hearts, insert neat flash back/forwards or flash forward backs (that's not right).
To see Gert on a Runaways cover again after her beautifully handled and very touching holographic appearance in #27, well...
To be fair, it is her portrait that's depicted, and not Gert herself. Her death impacted the kids so strongly that it had to be the most compelling experience to touch on in an arc. She's always there, in a sense.

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