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September 18 2007

(SPOILER) Positive Press for "Angel: After the Fall". With the release of the preview pages, Angel: After the Fall is beginning to garner the attention of the mainstream press.

Slight spoiler for those who didn't look at the preview pages previously posted.

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My personal misgivings aside, any positive press about anything Angel is a damned good thing!

(But did we really need a dig at David's weight snuck in there at the end?)

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I'm with you on the weight thing, Haunt. That comment of theirs was just kind of weird.

Anyway, great to be reading good press on Angel. And, while it is true that it took me a while to get into Angel, I still think that the first season is brilliant and, apart from a few bumps in the road, certainly not "mediocre."

When I read, "But now Whedon is bringing Angel back..." I immediately thought of Joss bringing sexy back. I have problems.
I'm glad that the comic is getting some press, which I know will be good for sales, but I wish they had thought to give some credit to Brian Lynch and Franco Urro! At least they linked the better information at IDW.
Unplugged, this one's for you. (Imagine Lorne singing it)

He's bringing Angel back (yeah)
In comic form to pick up all the slack
A move that might just catch Joss Whedon flack
If there's no useful info in flashbacks

Damn you for making me use that lame interweb speak, but that was genius!

(Luminosity needs to make that video mash-up ASAP.)

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I don't mind that Franco and I didn't get a mention (though an "art by" credit woulda been nice), I'm just glad people are noticing. This ANGEL book is a lot of hard work, I just want people to read it.

Still, "season 6"? Stop that, world! You stop!
I don't think the weight comment was out of place. Immortal, eternally youthful Angel who doesn't change looked a bit aged when DB aged a bit. I think it's cool that comic Angel looks closer to the Angel we first met. James Marsters (already an old man) pulled off the ageless aspect of Spike very well, and David Boreanaz.. not so much.

If we were watching Angel in SEASON 6 of the television series instead of reading him in SEASON 6 of the comics, then SEASON 6 David Boreanaz would have a hard time staying immortal. It's not a dig at him. Everyone ages. Except vampires. SEASON 6.
Have these people seen Boreanaz lately? He's hotness incarnate lately.

Did I just post that? Man, its been a long day.
Alllllright Angel Herlihy: Dragonfriend! I always figured back to "The Gift" that the dragon might not be evil. GLad I never ficced that it was. (I was going to do a story about Harmony and Jonathan teaming up to shoo it away from the block where their families lived...)

Awkward Saw; Ahem!! James is about 7 years younger than I am and to quote South Pacific I do not consider myself through!
And James Marsters an "old man"?!? God, I'm doomed...
Nice to see some positive press on the comic, but it would be nice if they left out the snarky comment about DBs weight. He was never fat ... and whatever weight he'd gained (maybe as a result of a bad knee) has been lost. If they were shooting season 6 Angel now ... DB wouldn't have much trouble reprising the role.
David had knee surgery in season 5 and put on a little weight as a result.If you watch him on Bones now,he looks like he did back in season 3 of Buffy and season 1 of Angel.
Giles: I'm not supposed to have a private life?
Buffy: No, because you're very very old and it's gross
Giles: Well, before I succumb to the ravages of old age, why don't you tell me what brings you here. apologies to Mr Marsters and Mr Boreanaz and the rest of you old gross dudes. =D
lol AS ... if you're lucky, one day you'll be old and gross too =p
Yes, AS, what resa said. Consider the alternative to getting old and gross or overweight or whatever.
I hope After the Fall gets as much press as Season 8. It needs and deserves all the attention possible.
Superrodan, all I can say is...thank you. Thank you.
So who says vampires can't gain weight? Think about it, 200 years of an active lifestyle and then the guy becomes CEO of a major law firm, chained to a desk all day. Or night. Whatever. Anyone would put on a few pounds. Plus, all that otter blood he was sucking down, courtesy of Harmony. . . Full of fat! (Marine mammals, you know). Sure that's what gives it the rich, creamy texture, but the stuff goes straight to the waist.

I'm sure that wandering around a post-apocalyptic world will get our boy back to sleek and svelte in no time.
I do too, Daburcor. Hopefully, lots more coverage will follow.

[ edited by Shade of Pale on 2007-09-19 13:47 ]
Consider the alternative to getting old and gross or overweight or whatever.

Undergoing The Quickening and becoming immortal you mean ? Bit painful for sure but i'll take it.

There can be only one though so worse luck everyone else.

(and snark about weight aside, comic Angel is thinner than DB, he's on, like, 90 gsm paper, can't be more than a few tenths of a mm at most ;)
It's good that After the fall is getting some main-stream coverage. The weight thing seems normal to me, i did notice that JM and DB gained weight during that last season which takes me a little out of that fantasy-world. Vampires probaly can gain weight, but i don't think that Spike or Angel can do it that easily. They are both highly trained-active vampire warriors.
Thats great that the comic is starting to get even more mainstream coverage. There was a good mention in SFX magazine this month too.

But yes, there was no need for the DB remark. Tasteless.
Saje, when I saw "The Quickening" up there I knew it had something to do with a stag and heartbeats on a sandy, tufted dune beach. Or pregnancy.

Pre Gnancy - maybe a fly kindergarten? Preg Nancy - possibly the woman who started it all, like Nancy Eve. Okay, done.
"highly trained-active vampire warriors"

I'm so glad we're not geeks ;)
What are we? Beauties?
Nah, Freaks.
Speak for yourself. I'm bangable, toots, even if I am a Viking.

Sorry, I got tired of holding that in - I mean the Viking part. Sooner or later, one of you was bound to found out about my Vikingosity, so it's better if I say it first myself and then no one feels betrayed later on, except maybe Dandelion and I can't help that.

Sorry, what?

I miss having Wonder Woman rumours to rag on - takes all the fun out of life. I don't miss Wonder Woman, just the casting rumours, they were ace.

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