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September 18 2007

Nathan Fillion to headline Creation's Serenity Salute. Fillion joins fellow crew members Glau, Tudyk, Maher, and Baccarin.

He will appear Sunday with Glau and Maher.

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Wish I could go!

Despite what others have said, I think the plate is pretty shiny.
Curses! I want to go to this con so badly! Sean and Nathan are 2 of the 3 cast members I have yet to meet.
Who's the third?

(I, sadly, have met none.)
Two cons in the space of a week with the same headliners in the same location. Who'd of thunk it a year ago?
And a Cruise in December, Gossi!
Amazing huh?
I can only hope that the convention organizers remember to bring the chairs! ;-)
Oh man, this is the con that is happening at the same time and at the same hotel as the Supernatural one. Wish I could go, because these are my two fave shows, but I've already bought tickets to the Supernatural on in Chicago.
By the way, I do think that Nathan appearing at both conventions is a good thing insofar as increasing the chances of success of both conventions. There has been much ado about the whole Creation vs. Starfuy competition, but I think that having both conventions available to Serenifly fans is a good thing. Based on what I've read about both convention formats, it's not so much that one is better than the other but instead that they simply appeal to different sensibilities. Creation seems to offer a much larger and more structured atmosphere where you know exactly what you can expect. In contrast, Starfury offers a smaller, more intimate atmosphere in which funkier, more off-the-wall stuff can happen. Kind of like some people prefer staying at a big Hilton/Mariott-type hotel where others prefer cozier little bed and breakfasts.
Of course, I think this also conflicts somewhat with James Marsters' gig and second CD debut in Hollywood that same Saturday night. Oh well, I guess I'll have to either leave the Creation convention early Saturday or just get a Sunday one-day ticket.

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